Population of a Lion By: grace godbout and Emma Gardner

Logistic Population Graph for Lions

The amount of food and the amount of shelter and habitat, is a factor that increases the lion population at the beginning of this graph. Because there is so much food and shelter, the population increases rapidly. As time goes by, more and more lions begin to reproduce which means they need more food and room to live, which is how the S-shape is formed. This is when the population will hit carrying capacity because there is so many of them, they use up all the resources given in the environment.

Immigration and Emigration of the Lion

When lions immigrate into the population they are coming from, it's usually because their food resources are becoming scarce. Their food resources are decreasing in that area so the want to emigrate from that area where the food sources are more abundant and make it easier to live. This affects the population because now there are more lions which brings their food population down too. The population of the lions does increase but the resources decrease. On the other hand, if the lions in the population emigrate, they are leaving because the resources are scarce which will decrease the population. Not all lions will go though, and because s many leave, the resources will become more abundant and the lions will start to reproduce again.

Deaths and Births of the Lion

If a disease were to hit a lion population, many of the lions would get wiped out. This density-dependent factor would decrease the population of the lion because the disease would spread and kill the animals. Some other ways the lion population could decrease and get wiped out is, a big storm because the storm would be dangerous and effect the habitat of the animal. Also if the temperature of the environment wasn't the right fit because it could be to hot to where there is no food for them to eat or if it's too cold for their bodies. Lastly, there could be competition between other animals for food and this could limit resources bringing deaths to the population. On the other hand, more births in the lion population will increase the size which will limit resources and make the population bigger.


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