Rothley Church of England Academy Newsletter May 2019

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the new format of the Rothley Church of England Academy Newsletter. Combined, the two previous newsletters had views of over 1,000. Thank you for your continued support.

Message from

Mr Richards

It has been a short and eventful start to the Summer term at Rothley. We have welcomed our Deputy Head, Mrs Barrs, back from her maternity leave this term and we said goodbye to Mrs Townsend who will start her maternity leave at the beginning of next week.

In addition to this, today we said an emotional goodbye to Mrs Souley, as she leaves us to re-start her career in nursing. Mrs Souley has worked at Rothley for over 6 years now and I can honestly say she has had an extremely positive impact on, not only every child here at Rothley (past and present), but on everyone who has worked with her. We wish her all the best in her new job but she will be sadly missed by us all.

Children in Years 2 and 6 have been working extremely hard with their SATS in the month of May. Their attitude towards these tests has been absolutely fantastic. They have taken them in their stride and I am sure they will be rewarded for all their hard work. I would like to thank the staff involved in delivering the SATS across these years, as they have created a calm atmosphere the children have really benefitted from. Thanks also go to all the parents for supporting both the children and us in the preparation for these tests. There is a section later on in the newsletter from an 'under-cover' year 6, giving you all an insight into SATS week for a child at Rothley Academy.

Not only have Year 2 and Year 6 had their SATS but children across the school in Years 1, 3, 4 and 5 have been completing their end of year assessments too. Again, the children's attitude and commitment to anything that they do in class is excellent.

Mr Phillip's class performed their class assembly to their parents at the church this term. I had the pleasure of being at the church and it was a fantastic assembly - especially the movie trailers! The next Christian Value will be Respect and this will be lead by Mrs Ellaway whose class will hold their assembly at the Rothley Parish church on the 25th June at 10am.

Please carry on reading the newsletter to see everything we, as a school, have been doing since the start of May.

We look forward to the second part of the summer term which is always one of the busiest terms in the school, with sports days, transition days, reports, performances and many other events. I hope everyone enjoys their Half Term break

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 3rd June.

Mr Richards

Toast Tuesday

Toast Tuesday was a huge success last term! With Mr Richards, Mrs Ellaway, Mrs Meadows and Mrs Walton making more than 1,000 slices over the 7 weeks!

The children loved having the toast at break time and bringing in their money to pay for it.

In total we raised £210. Thank you so much for your generosity. With the funds, we have already purchased some new equipment for the playground, which can be seen below.

A selection of the new equipment purchased with funds raised by Toast Tuesday.
The Foundation Stage children enjoying their new target game - purchased with Toast Tuesday funds.

As this was such a success we will be looking to start Toast Tuesday again in the next academic year.

Year 4's Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

On Friday 10th May, Year 4 had an amazing visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. Despite the lovely British weather drizzling on us throughout the morning, the animals were happy to come and say hello, particularly the polar bears who were having a wonderful time sliding down their grass embankment!

Polar Bears!

The children were fascinated with these majestic creatures- it's not every day you get to see a Polar Bear! Whilst there we were also lucky enough to see a plethora of other amazing animals up close: tigers, lions, amur leopards, giraffes, rhinos, anteaters, wallabies and giant otters to name a few!

Sleepy lion or angry lion?

After lunch, we had an educational talk on habitats when some children were brave enough to hold Colin the hissing cockroach and Sheldon the giant African land snail. The adults weren't so keen! It was an absolutely fantastic day and a definite highlight of the year. I highly recommend a visit!

Mrs Johnson

Sport Themed Fun Day!

You will have received a letter and email with regards to the exciting sport themed fun day we are having on Tuesday 11th June. Click on the image below to see the letter.

In recent years we have completed a sponsored walk from Bradgate park back to school. We have decided to change that this year as we will be raising money for the 3 charities that the members of staff: Mrs Warburton, Mrs Diez and Mr Palmer supported in the London Marathon. These are Asthma UK, Dementia Revolution and Save The Children.

We have marked a track around the school grounds that, when completed by everyone in that year group (including teachers), either walking or jogging, will be the equivalent of a marathon!

We are asking the children to get a few sponsors for doing this jog, but no more than 5 per family. Click below to download a sponsor form (these were sent out with the letter)

The day will be a sporting themed free non-uniform day. There will be a cake sale at break time, so we would be grateful for any cakes or biscuits you may be able to donate. In addition to this, in the afternoon, some of the older children will be running sporting stalls around school that will be 20p a go. Various prizes are available.

We hope you will support us in this new sportining initiative. Sponsor forms and money will need to given in by June 21st.

Mr Richards will be leading an assembly on the first day back to promote the day.

Extreme Reading

Mr McLugash set a challenge for the children and staff over Easter: to take some extreme reading photos of themselves!

Extreme reading photos are photos of people reading their books in bizarre, odd and, of course, extreme places!

We have had a huge response from the children and staff at Rothley and we will be putting a display up in the the school with all the photos that have been sent to the office.

A selection of photos are shown in further down newsletter.

Rothley Parents' Liaison Forum

Thank you for taking the time to complete the last RPLF which was issued at the end of March. We had over 140 responses. The topic was the newsletter.

A few headlines from the survey:

  • 70% of the responses liked the new e-newsletter, 15% liked the old pdf and 15% did not have a preference.
  • 65% of parents would prefer a newsletter monthly, 30% fortnightly and 5% once a half-term
  • 85% of responses were happy to keep the aim of the new newsletter: to let parents know all the positive events and things that have been happening in school throughout that period of time.
  • The 15% that were not completely happy suggested including some diary dates and term dates - which we now include on the bottom of each newsletter.

To find a more detailed account of the feedback and how we will be using this please click on the link below to our next RPLF which has been designed by Mr Clark and has a theme of History.

Thankfulness Star

Miss Asquith started off with the new Christian Value of Thankfulness before Easter and Mr Phillip's class performed their assembly at Rothley Church.

Two pupils from each class were awarded the star for Thankfulness on Tuesday .

Foundation: Harry A, Isla N, Emme A and Fin F

Year 1: Casey C, Toby S, Aura W, and Kian N

Year 2: Savanna B, Remy H, Joe S, and Ethan M

Year 3: Niall H, Sienna S, George C and Isabella G

Year 4: Nono M, Ethan B, Francesca B and Hugo E

Year 5: Isabella B, Logan P-A, Alfie H and Megan R.

Year 6: Madison W, Milan S, Declan S and Charlotte L.

Mrs Ellaway will be starting the new value of Respect with Mrs Ellaway's class leading the church assembly on 25th June at 10am.

Undercover Year 6

I am an undercover year 6 child writing to you to tell you about my experience with SATS this year.

I didn't even think about SATS all year until 2 weeks ago when we first started to revise. I was a little worried, but my teacher helped me focus and helped me build my confidence and relax.

When the first day of SATS came we were allowed to come in school at 8:30am where we were served a breakfast of flapjack, fruit, croissant and juice by the teachers. During this time we chatted with friends and it was very relaxing.

Mr McLugash gave us a brief talk and we were off to the test locations, I was a little anxious in the test room. The first thing Mr Richarrds did was tell us all to take a deep breath and relax as everyone will do amazing and we only want you to try your best.

That afternoon we were able to relax with table tennis, drawing and a film - mixed in with a little revision.

I enjoyed the whole experience and would tell year 5 not to worry as everyone at Rothley made me not nervous.

Undercover year 6

Hope Charity Project

Three girl's in Miss Godfrey's class have been running a raffle for the charity Hope Charity Project, which the school have raised and donated money to before in the past, in memory of Madam Sue Hooper.


The children have been selling tickets every break time for the past 2 weeks and have raised over £22 for the Hope Charity Project.

Well done girls and well done to the winners!

Bella G, Florence S and Freya J gave up a lot of time to research and sell raffle tickets. A credit to our school


New Website

Mr Phillips and Mr Richards have been working since the start of the year on a new website design for the school.

We have used feedback from the Rothley Parent's Liaison Forum, that was issued in January, to help design the website to suit one of the main audiences: Parents/carers.

The website will be launched next term and we will send an email via ParentPay to let everyone know when the website is live.

In the meantime, the current website will still be available.

Below is a sneak preview of what the site header will look like

Sneak preview!

House Points

Swithland are currently leading the house point competition so far this year, they also recieved a non-unifrom day on the Friday 3rd May for receiving the most house points for the Spring Two term. The standings are as follows:

Swithland running away with it!

The next announcement will be at the end of the year and will be the overall winner.

A selection of photos from Mr Mclugash's extreme reading challenge:

Diary dates:

click to enlarge

Term dates:

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If you would like to suggest any addition to this newsletter please free free to email. jrichards@rothley.leics.sch.uk

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