A Slice of Pie National Pizza Day

In honor of National Pizza Party Day, I got a slice of pie at the Brick in Prince Frederick. With its artisanal pizzas, it is not your typical hole in the wall pizza joint. The have a wide array of pizza selections along with your typical vast American bistro/bar type menu. My two favorites are the Plain Jane with Pepperoni and Sausage and the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

So far, overall, I give their their Pizzas an A-. They have been very good. My only wish is the red sauce on the Plane Jane, to me, needs a little more spice to it. But admittedly, I like hot sauce on everything. Everything needs a little extra kick to it. So it is probably great for most folks. My favorite part is the cheese they use. Not sure what mix of cheeses they use, but it is spectacular. Buttery, silky and just delicious, with just the right amount of cheese on it too. I also like the large slices of pepperoni and big chunks of sausage they use.

Wood Fired Pizza

As for their beer and wine selection, I give it a B. They have plenty of selection when it comes to satisfying the beer snob or the wine snob, but it isn’t an extra large one if you are going there to try beers from all over the world type of thing. Hence a B. A good, but not great selection.

But, if you want a little higher end dining experience than most area restaurants, with a little pizza party mixed in, I highly suggest Brick in Prince Frederick. And Alex behind the bar, was also excellent. If all the servers/bartenders are like him, you’ll have a great time.

Check it out for yourself Brick Wood Fired Bistro, 60 Sherry Ln, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

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Greg Beckman

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