Why the Sea is Salty Emma Huanosto


To give help or support.

The doctors assisted my grandma when she fell down the stairs.

Antonym: damage


Looking like, forming, or moving like a circle; round.

When I looked down the stairs, I saw the stairs in a circular form.

Antonym: square


Skilled at tricking others

Robbers have to be crafty when they are stealing money or valuables.

Antonym: unclever


A willingness to give things to others.

My mom was generous enough to give me a present before Christmas.\

Antonym: selfish


A part or share of the whole.

I have a small portion that I have to eat.

Antonym: whole

Created By
Emma Huanosto


Created with images by hypotekyfidler.cz - "Spiral stairs in Saint Istvan Basilika in Budapest"

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