STEAM Userguide for LD Website

Problem & Solution

I did a little complicate website for somebody and because she lives in France and i live in Israel i need to provide her a user manual for inserting content into her site. Its a Drupal 8 Bootstrapsite and Drupal is not so easy to handle. So even if i am not a teacher i can use Steam for many other purposes. I like the concept .

I. Assignement

Description of the Problem

After the life classes i added a Video to explain the problem that is actually the right one for the first class Assignement. I did it with Spark and Images from Pixabay

First instructional Video : I did the screen sharing videos with this free online Video screen recorder.

Its not for public and i don't want to load it on Vimeo (i tried on vimeo because you can choose keep private but this video is to long and i just have the free account and don't want to upgrade) or You tube so i inserted it in the Indesign document i will complete for class two. Right now there is only the first Videosequence. I have many Videos and two more sequences to do and will add Text and more Instructions. I started to edit the screen sharing Videos and put them together (for this first one i used three clips and an image) with Spark Video and couldn't get them work there, quality of the video was bad even if it was good from the App and it was cut off after 3 seconds and cut in size. So encouraged by Greg's simple explanation of Premiere Pro (and i was pleased to find a new course next week in german about Premiere Pro! i definitely will take it.) i did use it to get the three first clips together added an image as first slide and blend in Text. I liked the Text Panel and the Pen tool there. I draw an arrow with the pencil tool. I have no microphone so i couldn't add audio. With the descriptions in the full document after class 2 i will explain more. And also i send this first Video to the website owner to see if she understands and i will make changes if not. Unfortunately i don t have a microphone and can't add sound so my final guide will be more images and explanations.


Link to the first indesign document

Second Assignement

Link to the final User Manual

After editing Videos with Premiere and Content with publish online in Indesign i did come back to the easy fast simplicity of spark mainly because i have so much content and it will take much more time to create it in Indesign . I don t need a really designed page - i need to provide information in a clear and simple way . For this purpose Spark is just the most efficient tool. So my final document is a spark page

I used Spark Video that i made from screenshots of the site , i cut off slides from my videos in Photoshop as images to focus on the main information and added Text to them.

I tried to get to all components of STEAM and this concept is really useful and made me think a lot how to create content different.

I solved the problem of how to teach the owner to add content to her site.

Luckily we met finally and i could test if it works and it does with some little changes i had to do.

Final Reflection

This course really changed my approach on how to provide content, information and more.

I didn't understand so much in the beginning why this concept should help but after the live classes and editing my content i started to understand.

I think it's very helpful to discuss and develop with this model together with others because its adding a lot to learn and to see different and new.

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Susanne Tamir


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