Religions around the world in 30 days And a couple other things along the way too.

The first placed I traveled was India to study the religion of Hinduism. Hinduism is mainly in India and in some southern Chinese places, I've noticed that Hinduism is not only a religion but its a lifestyle and it's a culture to these people that are immersed in this religion. The culture here is beautiful, calm, and serene. While I was here I got to see a handful of things. I went and visited some of the famous Hinduism statues. I visited the statues of the Hindu gods Harihara, ardhanarishvara, and Brahma. Brahma is the god who supposedly created the world and was responsible for it. Harihara is the supreme god. And ardhanarishvara is the god who his half man and half woman. The religious architecture is really beautiful. It was colorful and bright and was actually made beautifully. The Indian people come and worship at the feet of these statues of the gods. This is where they prey. Next I will be traveling by plane to Saudi Arabia. I will be going to Mecca. A main worship site of Islam.

Hinduism Landscapes and landscapes

It took my roughly 5 and a half days to get here. the Plane ride was very long and tiring. The first day I got here I went to my hotel room and just slept for a day, and then I was on my way to Mecca. Mecca is where millions of people from the Islam religion travel every year to worship their god Allah. People travel from everywhere to worship here, it is by far the biggest place of worship, and a huge sacred site to the people of Islam. The architecture was beautiful and all the towers and places were perfect. The environment was very warm and welcoming. The people here did there best to make me feel at home. The weather was very humid and dry and there was a whole lot of sand. For my next religion I am going to be going to be in China where I will be studying the religion of Buddhism.

Islam worship sites and people

It took me roughly 7 hours to get to China from Saudi Arabia. I decided to pack up and rest for the night. I would continue my journey to the top of the mountain tomorrow. The place where the monks live. but first I will visit Lingshan park. a place where one of the biggest Buddha statues in China is located. When I woke up I got dressed really quickly and headed to Lingshan park. Let me tell you I was not disappointed. It was everything I had imagined and more. It towed over everything for miles at over 88 meters high and weighing a little over 700 tons. I was absolutely amazed. Next I headed on my long hike to the top of a mountain to see the Buddhist monks in action. As i neared the top of the mountain I got a quick look at the video. It was spectacular. I have never seen anything as magnificent. The monks looked so peaceful and it seemed like they were in extreme serenity. I was not allowed to go past a certain point to make sure I did not disturb the monks but as I headed down the mountain again for another 6 hour hike back. I saw the amazing view again. Next up I am headed to Jerusalem to check out Judaism in all its glory.

Buddha statue and people practicing Buddhism.

It took me three days to get to Jerusalem. First a day by plane and then a day and a half of driving. So Jerusalem is a beautiful place with many cultured people. The first day I rested... all this travel is getting quite exhausting. then when I was finally adjusted and was no longer jet lagged I headed down to the mount of olives. Or shall I say I headed up. The mount of olives was not too steep but it was indeed a long walk. I didn't know the significance of the Mount Of Olives until I had met a tor guide who explained it to me. The Jewish belief is that in the new testament and this is where Jesus stood as he wept over Jerusalem. Many people travel here to see where Jesus supposedly stood and wept. My short journey to Jerusalem had come to an end and I was off to Italy.

things that represent judaism

After a long plane ride, I get to Italy. The scenery is breathtaking. I feel like Im in a movie. Italy is exactly like rumors and pictures said it would be. Nobody drives cars, everyone walks, and there is a different gelato shop on every corner. The main place I traveled was Vatican city which is the headquarters of the Catholic church. Its home to the pope and many historical paintings. Many people travel here every year. It is significant because it is a huge part of the catholic religion. This concludes my travels. Its been an amazing journey and I met so many unforgettable people. so for now goodbye, הֱיה שלום, wadaeaan, and alavida. (goodbye in all 4 languages)

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