Your sexy little guide to finding the perfect outfits for your boudoir session

I want you to do a quick exercise with me, and think about your favorite photo of yourself. Go ahead.. I'll wait.


I bet when you think of that picture 2 things come to mind. You obviously like the way you looked that day but more importantly..

You remember the way you felt.

Like a frickin' bombshell. Ready to turn all the heads. Sexy. Happy. Maybe all of the above if you were having a REALLY good day;)

Well, the whole goal for your boudoir session with me is to create that same emotional connection with your photos. It may sound intimidating, but at the end of the day my job is to reunite you with your femininity, your sensuality, your sexuality, and your womanhood.

To help us get you to the point where you're confident and love every aspect of your figure (ok maybe that's a little bit of wishful thinking on my part), I've created this guide that will help you shop for the perfect pieces to buy.

Midsection Show-Off


  • Classic bra and panty set
  • Topless with denim shorts or fishnet stockings
  • Artistic nudes

things to consider

The style of panty you choose (g-strings are a no no! Thongs and cheekies are the best!) and what type of bra fits you the best. I know its tempting to pull out a bra you might wear every day – but try to look for something a little sexier, special. Something that is meant to be seen!

Mom boobs: Yep, I can say that because I'm rocking a pair myself... If this is an issue for you, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT! Don't bring a sheer bra without support if you don't love the way your breasts look naturally.


Before you try on push-up bras (even if you’ve had a baby, lost weight or feel that you need a bit of a boost), look for demi cup bras, or underwire bras that offer strong support without adding too much size first. Good support is more important than padding any day.


If a great tush shot is on your list, I recommend panties that show just enough, but not too much. I prefer cheeky or Brazilian bottoms over thongs. Many teddies and body suits are cut in the back to show off some tush. Those are a great option too! (Please stay away from Gstrings – they don’t always flatter!)


We all want long gorgeous legs and even if you don’t have them, we can give the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are with a few simple tricks. Look for high cut undies, teddies, bodysuits. The higher the leg opening, the longer your legs will look. You can also bring a pair of nude heels which will add some length.


Contrary to popular belief, many women think that having a boudoir session means taking off all their clothes. This isn’t true!

If you consider yourself “curvy” or “modest” and feel more comfortable with less skin showing, this section is for you!


Arms are sometimes a concern for women. If this sounds like you, look for long sleeved body suits, lacy robes/dresses, or throw a crisp white button down over some killer lingerie. Presto - no worry needed.


If you’re worried about showing your stomach, there are some gorgeous shape wear options out there like bustiers and corsets that cinch the waistline and give support. You can also do a lace robe over a bra and panty set, a tank top with lacy cheekies, the list goes on and on…

Always stick with a style that will still show off your shape – like a bodysuit or a slip. The worst thing you can do is hide behind a lot of fabric – like a babydoll for example. More fabric will only make you look heavier than you actually are. We want to see your gorgeous shape no matter what you wear or how covered you are.


If you have a curvier waistline, a lacy bralette and panty set under a blazer is an option you might not have thought about. With posing guidance, it's easy to accentuate the smallest part of your waist in a blazer that is tapered in the middle and because there's very little under it, it's still sexy as hell.

Also, pairing pieces with accents such as the silver buttons on this boyfriend top with matching panties helps to accentuate the curves of your body.


There are so many different types of lingerie to choose from, and honestly before I started doing boudoir photography, I wasn't even familiar with all of them myself.

My first tip for you is to GET FITTED to make sure you are wearing the right size bra! (Most lingerie places do it for free, just ask!)

Do NOT be discouraged when you walk into Victoria's Secret and can't find a damn thing, because they offer a very limited selection for a very small genre of women. Instead, scroll down for links to some online store options (INCLUDING PLUS SIZES!!!)

TEDDY *NMB Favorite*

A teddy is a garment that covers the torso and crotch all in one, and is usually lacy. It is similar in style to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit but is typically more sheer and definitely sexier.


Corsets are meant to cinch your waist and give you killer curves. They usually have ties in the back that help create your shape, and might also have boning inside for a more sleek look. They are hard to put on, but I’ve got your back girl – I will help you!


A bustier is similar to a corset in coverage, but it has cups built in that give nice breast support. They don’t normally cinch the waist like corsets do, but there are some hybrid styles out there that combine a little waist cinching and breast lifting.


When shopping for these, proper fit is extremely important. Be careful of push up bras as they often make you look unnatural. Make sure the area near your armpit looks nice and smooth and you’re not coming out of the cups. (I highly recommend being fitted - Victoria’s Secret does it, just ask!)


A babydoll is a short, sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown. It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached, loose-fitting skirt. Normally, it falls in length between the upper thigh and the belly button.


Clothing is a fantastic option for boudoir! It might sound counterintuitive but think about what makes YOU feel sexy; ripped jeans and a sexy bra; off the shoulder sweaters; a sheer T-shirt. There are so many options for clothing that can be just as sexy, if not sexier, than lingerie.

You can also mix the two. Try a beautiful bra with a full skirt, a tank top with a lacy thong or high socks. You can definitely have fun and be creative!!


I recommend bringing at least one pair of black or nude heels with you. No ankle straps please!! If you want to bring more shoes, fantastic, but keep in mind that we may not use them.


Feel free to bring any jewelry you might want to wear. I can help you choose what looks nice with your outfit and what will flatter depending on the poses that you will be doing.


I HATE props. This session is about YOU. Your body, your features, your eyes, hair, skin. It's not about a fishing pole or a frickin poker set for God sake. If you are planning 1 or 2 photos as a gift for a significant other (because that's all they get! The rest are for YOU WOMAN!), bring a tie or a piece of jewelry you've been gifted. Less is more, remember that!


Try to stick with simple classic colors: Black, white, gray, nude. Complementary colors to offset your hair/eyes are also ok. For example, if you have green eyes, a deep purple will accentuate your eyes beautifully. Stay away from anything bright pink, turquoise, orange, bright red, bright green, etc.

Always bring more outfits with you than you plan to wear, this way we have options!

I also recommend bringing at least one outfit totally out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to wear it, but you just might want to!


I ALWAYS recommend visiting your local lingerie boutiques to get your lingerie. This way you can get help from knowledgeable ladies about what you should consider in their store. However, there are some gorgeous options for lingerie online- so here are a few that I recommend for their great selection and quality.

* REMEMBER* If you do decide to purchase online, make sure to order far enough ahead of time that you can return/replace the lingerie if it does not fit you correctly.

Bringing properly fitting outfits is key to achieving beautiful, sexy photos! The goal is to feel comfortable in what you have on, and let me take care of the rest. If you don't feel comfortable, it will show in your facial expressions and body language, and unfortunately that's not something I can fix.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about the outfits or wardrobe you are considering for your shoot, please don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email! I am always here to help.

Cell: 772.913.5904 Email: nmboudoir@hotmail.com


All images by Nichole Marie Boudoir

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