The Reality of Zimbabwe By: Hannah ferguson, ashley billet, Danashia griffin, shymeer speNcer

Table of Contents:


Poetry...Ashley Billet

Art...Shymeer Spencer

Documentary...Hannah Ferguson

Art...Da'Nashia Griffin


Bloated stomachs children crying, teary eyes this is what you would see in Zimbabwe. Could you imagine living there? In the book Now Is the Time for Running by Michael Williams, it is about a boy Deo that takes care of his older brother Innocent. Every day they have to deal with the very little or no water and food at all. Not only that, but they have to run away from home because they are running from the people that killed his family and want his brother. They have to end poor leadership and dictation that does not allow them to do the things they want, and the things that keep them safe. In Zimbabwe many people suffer from government issues and the lack of technology that can lead to many issues that tie into the government issues. Although Zimbabwe has little to no technology at all they have made a difference to improve the technology. They have agreed with Russia for a business involving technology. Also, they have made an effort to provide information to people about technology. Technology is not the only problem though. The government is also a big issue. In Zimbabwe the government would take land from the farmers and give their land to farmers that are inexperienced. That means they are not making money for the country and causing the economy to worsen. Lastly, in Zimbabwe there is a 95% unemployment rate. There is not a lot of jobs for people there and it is affecting the economy greatly. Many people in Zimbabwe are struggling with everyday things that many other people take for granted in other countries.

The purpose of our magazine is to inform you about how hard it is to live in Zimbabwe and the struggles they face. In our magazine there will be two different forms of art with different topic products, form of poetry, and a documentary. These four products will inform the lifestyle of people in Zimbabwe, and the problems they are facing.

Lack of necessary items

Another Year without Rain

Zimbabwe has survived

another winter,

another year without rain.

The whole summer filled with

blazing hot sun,

making the crops dry out--they continue to die.

Leaves staying the boring same old brown.

The dull crop seeds sunken into the ground.

Children crying over the crops dying.

Sleepless nights without food.

Giving Up

People starving, due to lack of

food, not having a single clue.

Unemployment continues to drop,

people are starting to give up.

Zimbabweans suffering from the

pain, they are starting to go


The only thing I want is a bite, but

I can’t seem to find anything in

sight. If only my life was bright, I

wouldn’t live in such a fright.

A Lot More Pain

Children say why does my life

have to be this way, all I

want is for it to go away.

We are very bothered by

the lack of water.

We wish everyday for a single

day of rain.

We’re scared to know where

the tiny drops of water


When there is no rain we

suffer a lot more pain.

What People Think versus Reality


My creative product is an drawing involving the topic technology. The book that my drawing relates to in called "now is the time for running". In the book the setting was In Zimbabwe and it was well described as poor with barely anything. Everyone had similar problems with had no money or expensive things. Because of how poor Zimbabwe was described in the book it makes people think they have no technology and have no clue what it is, but in reality they do. my product will well describe an image showing what people think technology is like in Zimbabwe, vs. how technology really is in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was a really poor state with little technology but with the help of other races and many states coming together, that problem was well solved.

Government problems in Zimbabwe

Kids playing soccer to cope

Everyday life in Zimbabwe is a struggle. Poverty overtakes this country and the struggle to survive is beyond real. One way people survive in Zimbabwe is soccer. Soccer is a way for many children and adults to cope with the daily struggle in Zimbabwe. For example Deo, the main character, not only takes care of himself but also his older brother innocent by storing money in a deflated soccer ball.

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