The True Story of the Little Mermaid By:Sophia Delvacchio

Everyone has heard of Cinderella I mean of course.. She has her own movies, and may I say more than one. I mean I get it Disney is the creator of Cinderella but why so many movies. We have the original, a bunch of Cinderella stories, and the original cartoon in real life. So why hasn’t anyone re-told my story. I don’t think we have officially met. My name is Ariel and I am here to tell you the real story of what actually happened to me.

Everybody knows the sisters of mine, but no one really knows their names. I mean we filmed a bunch of things including my sisters. They never got put in the movie. My real story shouldn’t be a secret it isn’t that bad. I was there for the filming of Ariel, but was never incorporated into the movie. My father is Poseidon and mother is Queen Athena. I have been to school so I know that Zeus’ daughter was Athena. So my mother is daughter of Zeus, who is the king of gods and she is married to the god of the sea

My family is made up of seven girls including me. For some reason all of our names start with A’s. My eldest sister is Aquata she thinks she is in charge of everybody else. For some reason her names reminds me of Aquatica from Sea World. Everyone in my family always wears a certain color except for me. Her color was blue, she even dyed her tail blue. Her original color was the color of her hair, same for all of my sisters they all dyed their tails. My tail isn’t dyed I got the natural green color from my mother. Anyways Aquata is what you call the boss she runs everything from family photos to road trips. It has been this way ever since I could remember.

My second sister name is Andrina, she is always jealous of Aquta she wants to be the boss and run everything. So, she is kind of like an assistant to Aquata thinking maybe when Aquata leaves she can run everything. Her color is pink. She has short platinum blond hair, blue eyes, and always wears a pink head piece. She loves to knit, I think of her as a young grandmother. Because she wants to run everything usually when Aquata is out with friends, she tries to replace. Nobody listens to her though.

My third oldest sister is named Arista. Arista always gets in the way of things. She also has platinum blond hair. Her color is red she loves, the color red. Her whole shell is red she even has a red polaroid,guitar, and headphones. She is the daddy's girl even though I am supposed to be since I am the youngest I am not. She always brags about being daddy’s favorite. She isn’t to focused on being in charge since she knows she has the upperhand when it comes to my father's decision. She believes she owns the place.

My next sister is named Attina. She loves the color hotpink, and simply has to have everything hot pink., When my mother passed she was the second most emotional, after me of course. She doesn’t seem like it but loves sports. Well, that’s what she says but she only really plays volleyball which I myself find a more girly sport, even though I do play volleyball. She believes she is the most athletic because she is on a club team. I myself prefer basketball, and play traveling basketball. Attina is nice though she is usually the one who I argue the most with. She says exploring isn’t a “lady” thing to do.

Adella, I have absolutely nothing to say about Adella. She is a smirky know it all who is selfish and can't stand listening. She is the most reluctant sister I have ever know. I think she is the one I hate the most, even though if anything happened to her I would be devastated. She loves the color yellow, and is a brunette. To be honest she reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, in the middle where she wears a big poofy yellow dress. Sometimes us Disney Princess’ get together to talk every once and awhile. Adella always wears yellow like seriously, every other sister wears at least one different color. But, no Adella only wears yellow and lets no one else wear as she says “ her color”.

Alana is my next sister, and worst sister. Almost every sister thinks she is in charge of the younger sister. Alana might possibly be the worst. She think she is in charge of and I can only do what I tell her I’m doing. I can’t be controlled. I think of myself as a bird who can’t be tied down. You can’t capture my wings without my okay. I mean I love Alana, we always have sleepovers in each others rooms, but whenever we do, we almost know we will get in a fight. Usually it wakes the whole family up, and I’m surprised it doesn’t wake up the whole ocean. What gets me even more mad she wears purple, and purple is my top and she always steals it. That is not even what gets me upset. What gets me upset is the dark purple she wears. She knows I have had some problems in the past with Ursula and she doesn’t seem to think on what the effect is.

Know that you know my family let's get down into the real story. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen my movie, so you know the whole falling in love with Eric part. But, what you don’t know is when I went to Ursula my stomach had been bothering. Rocks are sharp and I can't be singing on one with waves coming after me. So I had some scratches on my stomach and it was really bothering me So I just went to go get some bandages from somebody. The first person I ran into was Ursula's eels they said, “ Oh, we can take care of you”. I was like, “Sure this has been bothering me.”

My movie states that I wanted my voice taken away. That’s not what really happened. I just wanted a band aid and low and behold the next thing I knew she wanted me to sing. I love to sing so I gladly accepted. Next thing I know she pulled out a necklace I thought it was like a prize you get in the doctor's office. But, my throat started hurting and it looked like she was taking stuff out of my neck. I thought it was all just a show for me, but then it stopped and I tried to say, what was that and I couldn’t do it.

This octopus human took out my voice. Now who who do this to a person. She asked me if I wanted to be a human, but I couldn’t speak so I tried to send her some signals saying no. I couldn’t. My tail started separating and turning pale colors. I didn’t know what was happening my tail started to split into two, and then into five on each one. This was crazy I couldn’t breathe so I started swimming up to the outside for air. What had happened to me she almost killed me. When I get back to the ocean I have to get her back is what I was thinking at the time. What I should of been thinking is how to swim with my newly found legs. I woke up on the beach with someone holding me.

He said his name was Connor. Connor looked like a nice person but, we will get back to that in a second. We started talking after all he did find me on a beach. He told me about his family. Connor was a prince who came from a nice family. He has grown up near this beach his whole life. I of course tried talking but couldn't I just nodded my way through the whole conversation. My main focus was on getting my voice back to get home. Connor had put me in a room in his house.

I couldn't believe my eyes his house was gigantic. I have never seen anything so big. He told me it was just a snug,small, and cozy house. I would have yelled at him if it wasn’t for my voice. He gave me a room and went to bed. But, I couldn't sleep so I tried a bunch of remedies that I found on this thing in the room. I am not sure what it was though. It had a little clicker and a screen. It also had a bunch of letters on a box.

Nothing worked so that night I snuck back into the ocean I had to take an air thing that I saw in my room. I went underwater to try and find Ursula, I couldn't find her so I went back into my room and went to sleep. The next day I woke up and I couldn’t find anyone in the house I looked around and found Connor. He was eating with what looked like his mom.

“ Hey come over here and sit with us,” Connor said with a big grin on his face

His mother politely gulped down her fears and grumbled, “ Sure, come and eat with us”

Being my polite self I couldn't decline so I came and sat there was somebody in a white outfit with a strange hat came and served us. It was like beauty and the beast without a singing candle stick and instead a agitated mother.

Later, Connor and I had a nice walk on the beach and before we knew it was night time again. I went to my room this time prepared to find Ursula. I went back into the ocean and found her cave. I could not believe it, what better luck could I have asked for. Before I knew what to do Ursula came back into her cave this time wearing my necklace she later left claiming she had forgotten her keys. Now what to do I do she is wearing my necklace I had to act fast before she left with my voice. I came behind her and slammed a glass vase on her head now what do I do. I might have killed her. But I could get my voice back. So, I quickly snatched my voice and performed CPR on her. She woke up asking who I was and where she was. I figured that her eels would take care of it so I left her there and said to go to sleep.

Now I have to find my way back to the beach figure out how to put my voice back in me without becoming a mermaid and then tell my Dad how much I like this world. So I found the beach and went back inside to the castle like I had never left I quickly slipped under my blankets and closed my eyes just in the knick of time too. Connor soon came in and woke me up.

“ Wake up Ariel,” he said with a sweet tone.

I guess he wanted me to eat breakfast again. We talked all day again, I just love learning more about him. He was the most fascinating thing since wrecked ships. As soon as I know it's night time again the days seem so short with Connor. Now, I need to get my voice back. But, how? That was the question I was asking myself all night. Until finally I fell asleep trying.

The next morning Connor didn’t come to get me for breakfast. I just thought to myself, I should just go down there. When I went down stairs Connor wasn’t there. But his mother was, I would have asked her he was but I couldn't. I kept looking all over the house Until finally I looked on the beach shore and I found him. I'm not sure what he was doing there but there was another girl with him. She looked a lot like Ursula in fact to much. I was fine with so I just went up to my room, to find my voice but it was gone! Now, what am I going to do. I went back to the beach with a notepad I asked Connor what was going on. He said he found her in the water just like me. She introduced herself and as soon as she said hello I knew what had happened. She stole my voice!

Now what am I going to do, I saw the necklace around her neck. It still had some of my voice in it luckily. I ripped it off of her and ran as fast as my new legs would take me. That wasn’t very far, but Ursula just got her legs so i think I’m ok. As soon as Ursula's legs hit water she turned back into a octopus. I never thought of that so my voice came fly out of her right mack into me where it belongs. I knew Connor would be scared so he and I ran back into the castle. I had to finally explain what was going on and hope he wouldn’t run away. Thankfully he didn’t. We have yet to see Ursula but I hope she isn't coming back anytime soon.

That is the true story of what happened to me you can believe it or not. I like the other story made by Disney better, because it’s way more interesting. You can choose to believe this or not. But in conclusion good things can come out of tiny mistakes.

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Sophia Delvacchio

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