The Peppered Moth By: Maisey Warner 2a


Peppered Moths have many adaptations to help them survive. Peppered Moths are able to lay eggs on different plants such as: hawthorn, birch, lime, and rose. This gives them more options than just able to lay eggs on one plant. With laying eggs on these plants, the peppered moths are able to look like twigs or sticks.

what caused these adaptations?

This was caused because insects have to live in order to help their babies grow. Camouflage happened so that peppered moths can lay their eggs without worrying that they will be eaten. This is a great advantage for the moths.

Why it is a modern example of evolution?

Camouflage is a very heritable trait that can help the peppered moths avoid others that would hurt them. This increases the chances of surviving.

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Maisey Warner

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