Cleto L. Rodriguez BY: PAYTON M. Land

Born: April 26, 1923, San Marcos, Tx

His parents died when he was only 9 years old, Same age as me. After his parents death he went to live with his relatives. As a boy, he worked for Gunter Hotel, as the newsboy. He enlisted in the United States Army in early 1944 where he served as a Private in Company B, 148th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division.

World War 2 was the most terrible war, next to World War 1. So many people risked their lives just for us. Just to keep us safe.

He went to World War 2 in February 9, 1945, when a railroad was being held by the Japanese. So many Japanese solders died in the war.

Cleto L. Rodriguez died on December 7, 1990, ( aged 67 )

Burial place: Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.



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