Brian Bowman Rennaissance man

Brian Bowman has many achievements. This makes him a renaissance man. First he won the best euphonium player of the year. That was in 1989. He also performed in many countries.

These include Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico. He also performed in all 50 states. That sums up Brian Bowman's achievements.

Countries he performed in have a red dot, the ones he didn't have a black dot.

Brian Bowman was also part of 3 military bands and 5 albums. He was a part of the United States Navy Band from 1970 to 1974 He was then a part of the United States Armed Forces Bicentennial Band from 1974 to 1976. Last he was a part of the United States Air Force Band from 1976 to 1991.

He was also in 5 albums. These include Reagan of Illinois, American variations and the sacred euphonium. That sums up his bands and albums.

The cover of 1 of his albums with a bit of color to spruce it up!

Brian Bowman's school years delivered an abundance of fascination. On Feb 14, 1964 he said "The one who works the hardest is the one who climbs then highest".

This definitely illustrates this. First of all, he secured a bachelors degree in music at the University of Michigan. Subsequently, he pocketed a masters degree in music at University of Michigan. Finally, he was granted a doctor degree in musical arts at the Catholic University a of America. Given these points, Brian Bowman's school years were indeed immersing.

How smart is Brian Bowman? This graph shows different IQ scores

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