Inject Creativity Live With Tim Kitchen, Erin Raethke and Kev Lavery

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Our guest presenter:

Kev Lavery

Training Liaison Officer with TAFE Queensland

The Restriction Method

Through restriction, creativity can be expanded, freeing, and open new information that you otherwise would not have considered.

Looking at things from a different angle can expand your thinking.

Remember - you can animate in absolutely in everything - even in PowerPoint, by doing frame by frame animation.

A new concept for me today
  • Restrict what you listen to in your music
  • This will actually EXPAND the algorithms of music that are offered by your streaming service!
Restrict your words
A chart that I think I will use moving forward!
Another thing I learned tonight:

Restrictions in spelling lists with his son have led to some hilarious examples of word and story creativity with his son... when 'fluff' is the word that needs to be used, and your are working with a six year old to whom fluff means


...then some adorable adventures in his stories, featuring his dad, who fluffs his way though all sorts of scenarios, including crowds, theatres, and other fabulous and only mildly inappropriate scenarios.

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