Detective Alisia Bankwith Savannah Fernandes

In the maidin of Wednesday 27, 1912, young Alisia Bankwith asked her athair if she could go into town to see if she could find a mistéir to come up with.

"Tá, of course you can go. Just make sure to be home by dinéar."

Alisia want to be a bleachtaire just like her sin-seanathair. He solved one of the most clúiteach in Ireland, and she wanted to do the same.

She walked into town and something caught her súil, and older run after a younger boy. She turned around to see if anybody was watching. When her focus came back to the boy all she saw was fuil. Another boy stared in a sad dubhiontas. He then ran on to the great Titanic she thought what a great mystery to solve

She got on the bád and quickly thought to her self. Oh my, I'm a stowaway. What would mother think of me if she knew! Yet she kept iniúchta.

About two weeks later Alicia had figured out multiple things. Paddy was also a folachánaí and he was running from a leaid of the name Gilhooley. He also had friends that were helping him. They also found a leabhar gearrthóg of all of the murders of Jack The Ripper!

Later that week Alicia was walking down on the deck and saw Paddy running from a man who match the descriptions she had her of Gilhooley. She quilled realized that he was trying to maraigh just like he killed his friend that she still did not know the name of.

"Why are you doing this to me," said Paddy

"Because to stole from me, and nobody gets away with stealing from a Gilhooley!" He said with an olc cár.

Alicia the béic," Paddy watch out."

Then she untied the téad of a leather bound ledger and it swung out knocking Gilhooley on the ground. English sailors then came to take Gilhooley away.

Paddy quilled ran up and said,"Thank you, you saved my life."


father- athiar













scrap book-leabhar gearrthóg







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