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Are you ready to SHINE again?

SHINE on Saturday is returning for a brand new year, packed full of new people to meet and fun adventures to enjoy. We have lots of exciting and creative activities, games and challenges for you to come and join in with, as well as three specially planned and seriously unmissable trips!! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for SHINE's GOLDEN TICKETS, inviting you to our incredible opening weekend where we will waiting to start the latest SHINING ADVENTURE with YOU!!

Our first few weeks at Shine!!

Healthy Eating!

This week at Shine we have been exploring healthy eating! Children have learnt all about what makes a balanced diet and following on from making fruit salads last week, they have all have a chance to design and make a healthy salad.

Miss Abbott explaining the importance of knife safety before we started!
Children learnt to chop ingredients and lots of them tried new things today in their healthy salads!

Children learnt about healthy eating and designed their very own healthy dinner party - ideas included sushi, squid rings and lots of pasta and salad! They had to try and make sure their ideas offered a healthy and balanced meal covering all the major food groups!

Introducing our peer mentors - Liam!

I’m Liam, last year I came to shine and had some amazing experiences and opportunities. I decided to become a peer mentor at shine so I could hand down those brilliant times to children that are experiencing it now.


Today we taught the kids about a healthy and balanced diet so that in the future they know to be healthy and fresh.

Within this topic we made a salad using ingredients such as carrots, cheese, lettuce, sweetcorn and many more delicious foods. When making these I helped one of our students to cut their ingredients and make a claw shape with their hand to avoid chopping their fingers.

In between our wonderful lessons we play certain games and linked them into our topic “Grow it Cook it Eat it”. This week we played a few rounds of hangman and asked them to use words to do with our topic. In an impressive feat some guessed the word with only one letter available. One student also managed to go a whole round without anybody guessing their word.

My shining moment of this week was seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they ate their own salad. Some enjoyed the new taste while other didn’t but everyone tried something new!

Next week we have an amazing trip to the cinema where we will be watching an unknown movie.

I enjoyed shine when I was a pupil so it’s nice passing on new experiences.

Peer Mentor-Liam

SHINE takes over the Silver Screen Cinema!

Hello I’m Evie I am a peer mentor at SHINE,Christ Church hub. I’ve worked here since the start of this school year and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, especially getting to know the bright and bubbly children!

My hobbies and interests are in the performing arts and educationalally dance. One more of my other great loves is having a boiling bubble bath.

SHINE students practise their real world maths at the kiosk!

The long awaited second SHINE trip of this year occurred today. Children from both Folkestone Academy and Christ Church hub walked into town for a private screening of Early Man.

Everyone was captivated by the delights of the latest release from Aardman Studios, there were a lot of sore sides from all of the giggling and even a interesting descussion on the way back to school about the meaning behind some of the ‘Dad jokes’.

We are sad to be closing the GROW IT, COOK IT, EAT IT term but very excited to being the new term which starts at 8:45 on the 21st of April.

Can’t wait to see you all there, hope you have a lovely holiday.

Evie x

Discovering Ancient Egypt

Hi! I’m Connor and I have been a peer mentor at the Christ Church hub for 2 years. Every second has been an educational experience and I’ve learned things that I never knew before.


My main hobbies include; going out with friends and family, reading a good book and keeping in shape at the gym. However I am quite partial to staying at home and lounging in my pijamas watching TV all day!

This week the intellectual, shining students were learning about Ancient Egypt and discovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface. The first task set was to write a fact file on Egypt and describe the facts and wonderful information that they know.

Here’s a couple of examples:

The pyramids were one of the most popular talk topics and the students were ripe with facts that were new and unknown to others before. Such as: Did you know that the Pharoahs like Rameses II was buried in The Valley of Kings along with Tutankamun and Queen Nefertiti!

The second challenge the intrepid learners were tasked with was the Pyramid Maths Challenge. This entailed using addition or subtraction to work out the next tier in a built up pyramid. This is what it looked like:

After working onthe maths challenge the students lust for more knowledge was vast and therefore they followed the pursuit of uncovering more of undiscovered secrets.

As a judge of what building a pyramid consisted of the whole class participated in a sugar-cube construction task. As a team they manufactured pyramids and developed their understanding of the layout within a pyramid. Their hard work has paid off:

And with their final challenge completed, everyone emerged smarter and more knowledgeable about the secrets Ancient Egypt held. So the question has changed from: ‘What do you know about the mysteries of Ancient Egypt?’ To ‘What don’t you know about Ancient Egypt?’

I hope this has peaked your interest and that your intrigue into knowing more has been triggered. Who knows maybe you’d learn a thing or two about Egypt’s secrets?


A Quick Trip to Peru!

Hey I’m Luke Martin and I am a peer mentor at SHINE! I like to sing and play musical instruments in my spare time, I’m also an air cadet and often represent my squadron. I started working here just over a year ago to assist my future career as a music tutor.

Today here at SHINE we were focusing on the picturesque country of Peru! The first and main topic being Machu Picchu.

The children creating posters for Machu Picchu

We also made llamas. Our llamas varied in colours due to the creativity and individuality of our youngsters: some were brown and white (as you would see in the real world) and others had flares of pinks, purples and a multitude of other colours!

Today’s activities were a blast, not just for the children but for the peer mentor team too! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have learnt something interesting about Peru.


SHINE visits China !

Hi! I’m Jess and I am a peer mentor at SHINE! In my spare time I play piano and enjoy acting . I am also a radio presenter on Academy FM every Thursday from half 3 until 5. I have been working at SHINE since term 4 to help the children enjoy learning in a fun, different way.

Today we are learning all about The Great Wall Of China. We are drawing it and completing some maths challenges.

We are also writing letters to the CBBC TV show Blue Peter applying for a Blue Peter badge.

So today’s activities were exciting and intriguing and we all learned something new. We can’t wait for our visit to Turkey next week! Thank you for reading my blog.

Peer mentor, Jess :)

Troubling Tremors -Earthquakes in Turkey

Hi, it’s Peer Mentor Liam again. Today we worked hard on learning about the hot and sunny country of Turkey. We did some exciting Maths and then filled in a fact sheet using the answers that we had calculate. We then, after a break where I refereed the football game, began the construction of our marshmallow buildings. Using raw spaghetti and marshmallows we created examples of reinforced buildings that could withstand earthquakes.

Introducing Millie (a student that has been at SHINE since the start of the year). She is imaginative and had great fun today constructing earthquake proof buildings and learning about what to do if an earthquake strikes!

“Today was awesome I had so much fun! We learnt about Turkey and we even got to create our own spaghetti and marshmallow structures. We had to have them tested by Miss Abbott, the earthquake simulator, and all of the structures survived. All the staff here are kind and helpful and the peer mentors are as well. Everyone gets along and people are really kind. I love it!”

Visiting Mexico - Día de los Muertos!

This week at SHINE we took a trip to Mexico to learn about one of their most important festivals: the day of the dead, known in Spanish as día de los muertos. We completed an investigation into this special day and learnt about how Mexican people celebrate their ancestors during this fun, family-filled day. The celebrations over two days focus on love, laughter and sharing, with ofrendas (“offerings”) made to loved ones and a true fiesta spirit embraced by the whole nation. Unlike Halloween this is not a morbid or sombre occasion, but one for parties and celebrations that remember those departed and embrace the joy of being alive. Children used their Maths skills to decorate day of the dead skulls and created decorations and invites for a true Mexican style fiesta!

Today we also celebrated with the rest of the nation, as we marked an important moment in British history: the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan. We stopped a little early to watch the big moment and children enjoyed learning about the royal family and the traditions that they embrace.

Hello Evie and Liam here! Today we will be talking about the past two weeks of the fun filled Harry Potter topic we have been working on.

Last week we made snitches ( an object from the magical world). Most children enjoyed getting a bit messy and everyone loved the task!

We were sorted into our Hogwarts Houses by the ‘Sorting origami’ - Mr Waterman assures us that he is a distant cousin of the original hat! Both of us were Slytherine!

Our budding artists created portraits of their favourite characters and designed their House Crest Badges to be worn with pride!

Our talented Quibbler writers were in need of new quills and that’s just what they got! Take a look at these!

Our SHINErs explored how they could become the Masters of Death through a story boarding activity around the cartoon from the film - we asked everyone which power they would have chosen from the Deathly Hallows - Evie wanted to control people’s minds and Liam, to control time!

Our premier SHINE screening of The Philosoher’s Stone rounded off our day after lunchtime and we all enjoyed seeing where the story began all those years ago!

Harry Potter Studio Tours

This Saturday our fabulous SHINE children got the chance to visit WB Studios to enter the magical world of the Harry Potter film set. We had a magically fabulous day exploring the costumes, props and sets of the original films, discovering the secrets behind the scenes. We visited Hagrid’s hut, walked through the Great Hall and learnt how green screens were used to create the wonderful game of Quidditch!! Children had a fabulous day together exploring all the work behind a big film production and the myriad of different people and their jobs that are involved. Hopefully we have inspired them to consider the world behind the screen and the wealth of opportunities and talents that it contains!


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