spring flowers courtney fulk

Spring is my favotive seaon, I love the bight and pretty flowers that bloom. Every year i plant my own flower garden. My favortive flower is probbly a poppy! Also I love spring showers I love rain in genral but when it is rainning in the spring time it feels so much better because it is warmer outside so you can go play in the rain without becoming sick. Plus after a spring shower everything greens up and just looks so beautilfull

There is a pretty big responsibility with having a spring garden, you need to make sure the flowers get the right amount of sun light and fertilizer. One of the most important thing to keep your flowers alive and healthy is water! I think water is one of the most important ingredients to growing flowers. The best thing you could probably do is research your flowers and read about how much water they need.

My favorite flower is a poppy! I like them because there bight colors the red is just so beautiful. Plus there smell is just so calming. They also are super easy to take care of and i would recomene for you to plant these in your garden.

ROSES! rose can be hard to take care of. They take a few years to really be get big. A big part in pruning your roses, if your do cut them down they with take over your garden!

Bugs. A lot of people think bugs are bad in your garden. that is only true for some bugs. You need to find out which are the good bugs and which are the bad bugs. Worms are very good for your garden. Spiders are also good to have in your garden.


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