Teresa of Avila karleigh osborn

Teresa lived in the 16th century, which was a time of turmoil and reform. She was born before the Protestant Reformation and died almost 20 years after the closing Council of Trent.

Teresa went through times where people were misjudging her, but she clung to God in the midst of all this.
St. Teresa of Avila was granted an experience of direct union with God through the Holy Spirit.
She was give the title ¨Doctor of the Church¨. This is given to saints who excelled in guiding the church.
Today she is shown with a notebook/diary, because she wrote about prayer and contemplation.
The Church can continue to grow by the changes from the Reformation in many ways. This time was full of political, social and religious upheaval. Through this sudden change St. Teresa stayed close to God. This is important still today, because it shows how God is there no matter what.


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