Building of the future

40 years in the future the technology will be very advanced

The technology in the future will be very holographic but I believe that the decraease in materials will make it very hard to have basic updated technology.

The worst case scenario for pollution is the pollution growing to the point of the air being unbreathable, water undrinkable, and soil unusable. I beleive the best case scenario is for pollution not to get any worse. The most probable is for the pollution and global warming getting way worse and water being everywhere.

We may not be able to prevent air pollution because of the struggle to find a substitute for gas and oil

40 years in the future I believe that resources will be very limited so buildings will be compacted into one and there will be less buildings.

The population will grow by 21.2% in the year 2057. In china there has been an increase in population that has caused more soil population so I believe there will be more soil pollution. Best case scenario the increase in people will affect pollution but the people will not litter and hopefully we will have a better alternative for gas and oil. Worst case scenario the increase in people increases the pollution a lot and we will not have a better alternative, so the increase in people will cause way more pollution. The most probable scenario is very close to the worst case because many people don't do anything to stop pollution and why would that change in the future.

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