Mandatory Exercise for Liberty Students Bianca WinstoN

Many people lack discipline in regards to taking care of their bodies. Having mediatory exercise for Liberty students will help them develop and mantain the habit of taking care of their physical and over all health.

Many people in the United States suffer from over eating and under exercising. Most university and collage students spend most of their time sitting down, they stop exercising when attending their new schools, and their intake of un-healthy food increases. This result to loss of muscle mass and a weight gain. Having mandatory exercise will help students continue to be physically active or start to be physically active and get into better shape.

Exercies not only helps get students into better shape and sustain a healthier MBI, but also increases their long term health. Exercise helps prevent cancers and heart diseases. It also decreases other health risks and increases the chances of a more mobile life and sharper mind in old age.

1 Corinthians `16:19-20 tells us that, as believers, are bodies are the temple of the Holly Spirt and that we should treat it as such. Liberty wants to develop world leaders and advocates for Christ. As those advocates for Christ we should prepare Liberty students to be the best Christ followers as possible, in all aspects of their lives and learn to treat the Holy Spirits temple with respect.

Getting into the habit of exercising will not only benefit the applicants physical life but the lives around them. The habits the students develop at Liberty will have positive effects on Liberty students families, friends, and coworkers and encourage them to take care of their physical health as well.

Liberty should not only aid in academic and spiritual growth, but in all aspects of life, so when Liberty's students graduate they are well rounded and better prepared for the world.

Help prepare Liberty students for a healthier, well rounded, and longer life.


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