kingdom come reaching east asia for christ

November 29th, 2016

“But Mama! Why do we have to pray so many times? We prayed and prayed that we wouldn’t be sick and we are still sick. Why aren’t we better? Isn’t [God] nice?”

Dear Friend in Christ,

Naomi tearfully asked this question after she and Tosh had a horrible flu for weeks, felt almost 100% better but then the same sickness came back. I (Tricia) was a bit tongue-tied but tried to get my words together to tell her God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we want, but He still is in control and wants us to trust Him.

When have you felt like this? When did you last hope for a certain outcome and experience disappointment from the results? Desired empathy and understanding in a relationship only to be met by indifference? And for multiple days experienced discouragement and heartache?

a glimpse of our life and neighborhood: Tosh & Naomi; Rohan; Pri & Vicki

This is exactly how it has felt lately for our family. The past month was full of discouragements including seeing our close teammate Pri being reassigned back to the States, our family being sick and literally praying for healing every moment, and with Nich’s closest student not being open to talking anymore. We know God is in control, but sometimes knowing that doesn’t feel like enough. Our trust in God’s goodness is something we need to act upon everyday by choosing to believe His Great Plan for us and the people around us. Faith isn’t and can’t be a feeling for us and we are grateful to be able to remember that in this time and to teach our children what that means too.

As we continue to trust God in His Plan for our family, our team and for the students in East Asia, would you prayerfully consider a year-end gift of $100, $300, $500, or some other amount significant to you?

As the Lord leads, you can give a year-end donation by going to or clicking "Give a Gift" below. When you go to the website our names will not show up because we serve in a secure location, but you will see “International Staff #0533048”.

We are in awe everyday at the way God provides for our family. Thank you for being our friends and partners in ministry!


Nich, Tricia, Naomi, Tosh & Rohan

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