Town Crush by brianna chrystie

Town Crush

You have just bought a massive town but there is nothing in it except a few blocks of grass and a furniture store. Your first order of business is to find a house for you to live in. Once you have that all sorted it’s time to find some neighbours and give them some houses. After your little town has grown a bit more people begin coming up to you saying that they are bored and would like some places to work. You realise this is a great idea and begin making fire stations, cafes, schools and much more to satisfy the needs of all your towns-people. Now that your town has almost everything you need more people begin coming and your town keeps on growing and soon turns into a large city and it will continue growing from there.

map of layout


it is a life and simulation game/ puzzles like candy crush and best fiends where you connect all of the same little icons and try to get to the next level or in this case win the piece of furniture or the new buildings. There are no Life simulation and puzzle games that I know of where you don’t use the games money currency to buy things in the game so having mini games to help you win items is a great and more enjoyable way of getting things it also makes you continue coming back to the game to try and a pass specific levels. I find that whenever I play a game where you get to create your own town you always spend all your money and diamonds straight away and then you really want something later on but you have no money to buy it with so you just get rid of the game but with Town Crush you can get absolutely anything you want as long as you can pass the game. This game makes you work for what you want so you little kids realise that you can’t just go around spending your money you have to work for what you want it can’t and won’t just come to you when you ask for it. It is very different to anything that has been created before which makes it super unique and hooks you in.

target audience

The target audience for this game is absolutely anyone. But the age group will be advertised as 4+. They could have an interest in either puzzles or creating worlds and families that they have always dreamed of, this game puts both quite different catagories into one game. Players most likely would have found out about the game through ads on their favourite games or on youtube or other online sources.


The character that you create at the very start of the game is the character that you use the whole way through. There is a wardrobe setting so you can change the way that your character looks any time during the game. Throughout the game you can change your view of the game form birds-eye view (which is like your map) or from the perspective of your character. You also get lots of characters throughout the game when you buy houses. and they will begin popping up throughout the game when you town gets a bit bigger.


This game can be played on an Xbox or VR. You just wander around the little town that you have built and when you go into people houses they will tell you what they want and are thinking so you feel like you are in the game and are really bonding with these people. When it comes to playing the games you go into the furniture store and press on the furniture that you would like then you play the game that comes up on the screen, VR this would happen using head movements and the hand controllers, for the Xbox if you have a controller you just move around by using the buttons on the controller like every other game.


When you first go into the game you are shown a block of land with squares of grass that have sale posts in them and a furniture store. Then from there you win houses and special facilities like parks, fire stations, hospitals, town squares etc. and you can decorate it however you want. You can totally customise the little town to whatever your heart desires.


To make you feel like you are in the game the characters will talk to you when you walk into their houses and you will here the normal sounds that you would here outside like subtle bird sounds and wind as well as bells when you walk into stores.


After people buy the game all of the profit is going to come from all the purchases that come with this video game when people can’t pass a certain level so they just buy whatever they are trying to win. There will be ads on websites like YouTube and Spotify etc. to help get more people to buy the game

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