Modelling Change 100m Backstroke records

We had a project where we had to model change with a graph, find the line of best fit for each of the sections of the graph, find the overall line of best fit, and finally make a prediction of where the points will be in 50 years, then 95 years, not including this presentation. Here is a picture of my points

My Original Points

The next part of the project, the lines of best fit for each of the sections. Here is my calculations and my graph with the lines of best fit.

Lines of best fit

After that, we had to make predictions for what the times will be in 2067 and 2112. Here is what the times will be in those years.

What the record will be in 2067 and 2112

My graph says that the 513 time it will be broken, the time will be zero, so that doesn't make sense. I predict that the time will never go faster than 47 seconds, unless, in the future we have genetically modified humans.

Thank you for listening!

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