Adobe Spark: Strategic Brief Dakota Weatherford

Adobe Spark is a great tool for creating visual content and standing out from the rest in the job market.

Adobe Spark is the newest tool for creating easy visual content to help one stand out. It consists of three main tools the post, page, and video option that all come capable for mobile apps. The benefits I plan on utilizing from my adobe spark page are to broadcast to potential job markets after graduation. After graduation you have to be able to set yourself apart from everyone else searching for jobs in your career field and adobe spark will do just that for me.

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Focus Point for Assignment

My main objective for this assignment will be utilizing the tools in Adobe Spark to further market my personal brand. Looking for a career after college is hard when everyone is job searching in the same market. While everyone else will be turning in resume after resume I will setting myself apart by using Adobe Spark to display my personal brand and what I have to offer in a way only some know how.

Key Audiences

I am trying to target employers who are hiring in the communication, public relations, or marketing field. Using my Adobe Spark page I am confident I will be among the few to stand out to many employers. Showing employers I can market my personal brand in a different way than others will open up doors for ideas on how I can help the company I will be employed for in the near future.

Strategic Mindset

My goal for my Adobe Spark Page is to set my self apart. Broadcasting my strengths and skills to future employers through Adobe Spark will catch the attention of those who are looking for a creative new way to look at a resume. I am a creative person so a boring resume just isn't for me. I am pleased with the way Adobe Spark allows me to add a creative touch to my resume.


There is one goal in mind when I think of why I created an Adobe Spark page. That goal is to further market my personal brand to future employers after graduation in hopes of finding a career.


A good way to accomplish my goal is to utilize my social media outlets to share my different Spark pages. Each Spark page created will be geared toward different audiences. I am skilled in adobe programs such as: Photoshop, Premiere CC, After Effects, Lightroom, and Adobe Spark. Being able to tie all of my projects into one program will set me apart in the hiring process. On each page I would include samples of my work that best suited the job I was applying for.


My overall goal is to make employers want to hire me. I want future employers to know I am a hard working, creative, and passionate person who is willing to go the extra mile to stand out. Being able to bring something fresh and exciting to new possible employers could open up a range of different career paths for myself. I will use my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to market my personal brand and further my knowledge on the newest ways to make sure I stand out to future employers.

Check out the blog below on helpful tips to using Adobe Spark Products by clicking the button.

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