First Trip To Dentist Alex Abram

Protect your child's teeth by going to the dentist regularly starting between twelve and eighteen months.

Very Important for toddlers to go to the dentist because they are developing new teeth and trend to eat food that ma caus decay.

heredity plays a role in teeth quality. Some children inherit tooth decay from parents.

Diet is a hug role in tooth care. Sugary foods and foods that damage enamel are not reopened in a big dose but re date by preschoolers a lot. Although your dentist isn't a nutritionist, he knows what foods are better for teeth and recommends them.

Babies and toddlers may chew of toys as a way of self comforting. This is not goof because it can cause dame to the growth and placement. Developmentally appropate toys are recommended to certain age groups. Your dentist will o]notice dispapcement in teeth.

Your dentist will give your child a toothbrush (usually) to make sure they brush.

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