Band-aid -How we heal

-Alexander James

BandAid- I work with kids. Today a boy too young to answer the call of duty but Old the enough to know his finger can pull triggers needed a bandaid. After surveying his scar I realized I needed to clean it with an alcohol wipe. His eyes went deers in a headlight he said he never gotten one before but all his friends told him how painful it was. He asked can I just have to band aid? I told him no, not if it was to properly heal. If not properly treated it may get infected.Before covering it we needed to deal with the germs. He stood paralyzed by fear and slowly shook his head no.

I got down to I eye level.Looked him in his face and told him it would not be as bad if his mind is telling him but I didn't lie I told him it would sting momentarily. That I would do my best to fan the area after application to alleviate some of the sting but it would sting. He was still hesitant I looked him in the face right in the eyes and said I want to help you do you trust me? He didn't answer he just turned around and showed me the exposed scar. His right shoulder. I wiped it with the swab and fanned the area and it's stung greeted him like a high five from a enemy. He bit down hard and he endured it. Afterward I applied the band aid congratulated him on his courage and he went back to class.

I believe the gospel is the same way. Before christ we are wounded scarred. Living our lives constantly putting a Band-Aid after Band-Aid over Our wound. Like the boy Something we were playing with played with us. Left us like broken pieces in the bottom of the toy chest forgotten .But the love of God picks us up from the playground takes somewhere safe and ask us a question.Do you trust me? Will you let me clean it out. Will you let me kill the germs so that it's not infected. Because I won't just be a band aid. I won't just cover it without truly dealing with it. The Holy Spirit is sent to regenerate us ,to make the dead live. Christianity and the church should not just be a Band-Aid that protects where are your hurt from getting hurt more.The Holy Spirit is the alcohol wipe that cleans the purifies that properly heals and it will sting. The truth of the gospel and it's honesty about our blatant need of a Savior does not come without a wounded pride.But it does come with a promise that in him we will be made whole. Not a mental utopia but the perspective . That regardless of our scars scratches ,bumps, brakes and bruises we can always say that regardless of my state physically the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. Because Jesus is #MoreThanABand-Aid ...

The end

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Alexander James


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