My Grade 9 Self by: aysha machan

Prior to my physical education at LDSS I would still like to consider myself as a very active person. I found myself living at the beach this summer so I did a lot of swimming. I also participated in many sports teams such as hockey, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Being part of sports teams is a great experience for several reasons. Firstly you gain some good people skills given you get to meet all sorts of people and how to interact with them. You also will keep in shape by keeping active on that team. Another great skill you get out of team spots is learning team work; working together with your team to achieve a goal you couldn't achieve yourself. My hockey teams motto is play for the name on the front not the name on the back.


flexed arm hang

At the beginning of the year when we completed our first round of fitness testing I achieved mostly in the very good category. A few months later when we did our second round of fitness testing I got mostly in the excellent category! For my first vertical jump I achieved a score of 44 classifying me as very good, when I did my second round a few months after I scored 56 classifying me as excellent. I believe the this increase occurred because my hockey was just starting out when the first test took place and as I continued doing off-ice, power skating, practices, and games my legs got stronger which benefited on my behalf helping me use that extra leg power to achieve a higher number for the second half of fitness testing. My grip strength also increase. the first time I got 67 which was very good and by the second time I was able to get 75.5. I think this is a result of me hitting the gym in my spare time increasing my arm strength which overall resulted in my grip strength getting stronger.


field hockey pass

Learning a new sport for me is normally very stressful if I'm not quite getting it. For the most part I enjoyed field hockey and was happy to learn it because I caught on to most of it fairly quick. The parts of field hockey that didn't get along with me were all the rules that came along with it. Field hockey has so many, in my opinion confusing rules but maybe if I played on a field hockey team I would think they were easy to learn. Obstruction is the hardest thing to learn in my perspective the reasoning being my brain just wouldn't take it in.


running long jump

If I were to join the LDSS track and field team I would participate in the running long jump event. This is because it is my strongest event from previous years and I enjoy the thrill of the wind brushing by me as my body slices through the air. To get better at this event I would try to improve my technique by taking in pointers from the top athletes in this event. Or googling videos showing how to have better form in order to preform better.


football- catch, throw, and hutting.

If I were to teach another student how to hut the football I would break it down into very easy steps and go through them slowly until ready for them all to be put together fast speed. Step one would be crouching down and placing the ball on he ground with one or two hands. Step two calling some sort of code word so your quarterback knows the ball is about to be released. Step three lifting the ball up in between your legs enough so you can throw the ball through your legs with enough power to reach your quarterback. after perfecting these steps individually then the student can amalgamate the steps and complete the skill of hutting the ball.


I think volleyball is such a popular team sport for grade nine students at LDSS because most students played volleyball in grade eight and enjoyed it because of the thrill you get when you get the ball over the net and it hits the floor inside the court of the opposing team. Grade nine gym classes are very accepting of the skill level of every student and I find our class to also be very encouraging so volleyball is my favorite sport to play because of those reasons. If I saw a teammate of mine struggling I would give them advice based on my own experiences if I thought it would help. If I too was struggling and couldn't help them I would suggest we both go ask another teammate that is good at it or ask the coach.



During badminton I played doubles and singles. I prefer doubles play better. This is because I like being able to rely on my partner to help me out if i miss the birdy. Thus creating more opportunities to defeat the opposing team. I also enjoy the energy created when my partner and I get hyped it helps us do better. My favorite technique for doubles is front and back opposed to side to side. This is because if the front misses the birdy the back can pick it up.


Discussion making is an important life skill especially as you progress through secondary school. The reason being because at this time in our lives is when we are most impacted by our decisions. If we decide to do one thing it could alter our lives for the better or worse. That is why making the right choices is so important at this time because making bad decisions could sway your life a way that you will later come to regret.


My advice to grade eights soon entering high school is to be yourself and don't fake anything because high school is like a clean slate and you can be your true self. Also its important to be kind to everyone because you never know who will be in your class or be your partner for an assignment. Another important thing to remember is to prioritize. Every time your thinking of skipping out on doing your homework for a social event or just for the sake of not doing it know that that is a missed opportunity and as a result could reduce your mark. Therefore high school is an important factor that will alter your life in many ways whether its for better or worse is up to you.


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