Introduction to UX Design by LaDale L Whaley, M.S.



Wireframe Prototype

This week I made the choice to follow the lectures example to create my assignment. While I will create my own similar experience later, I wanted to make sure that I was successful recreating the example first.


Higher Fidelity Design

Adding the details to the Prototype Design

This week I added color, as well as more details to the interface design. In addition, I also added additional frames. In my opinion, these frames would make the exprience more realistic.

My Thoughts on UX Design

Course Reflection

As this course comes to a close, it has inspired me to dig deeper into UX Design. While I started late and did not have much time to go into much detail with my project. I am excited to start another XD project to take a deeper dive into the software.

As an Instructional Designer, I would like to expand my skill set to included UX design. I believe that incorporating UX Design into the Insctructional Design process will help provide a better leaner focused experience. Thus creating a more impactful course.

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LaDale Whaley


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