Post-A-Pic By Michael Leapley

The Nine Dimensions of Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

I was confirmed at Brookfield Lutheran Church and my parents raised me to take my faith seriously.

Because of my upbringing, I continue to nurture my spirituality and go on youth trips or retreats. Pictured here is the LCMS National Youth Gathering.

I continue to stay steadfast in the faith, and my spirituality is very healthy.

Physical Wellness

As a track athlete, I have pushed my body to be in peak shape time and time again.

This hard, physical work paid off when my high school track team won a number of important track meets. This picture shows the moment when we won the Regional meet for the third year in a row.

Emotional Wellness

I have a great support group of friends that keep me emotionally healthy. We are able to share our lives with each other and feel comfortable doing so. My family has also done a great deal to keep me emotionally healthy. They are loving and caring, which can be especially important over the holidays.

Financial Wellness

When I went on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico, it made me realize how financially stable I am. I am so blessed to have the financial resources that have been given to me.
We built them a simple home, and it changed their lives. It enlightened me to how blessed I truly am. I am financially well compared to much of the world.

Intellectual Wellness

Throughout high school and college, i have worked hard to achieve academic excellence.
I was a member of the National Honors Society and I took many AP classes in high school. My intellectual wellness made it possible for me to be awarded numerous college scholarships.

Environmental Wellness

I love to take part in God's creation. I am called to be a steward, which means that I do things that are environmentally friendly.

I want to protect the great wonders of nature, so I make sure that I do not leave a negative human footprint at parks.

Interpersonal Wellness

My Introduction to DCE Ministry class honed many of my interpersonal skills. It required me to use teamwork within a group and lead a class discussion.

Being a teammate also keeps my interpersonal skills healthy. We are all working together towards a common goal, and that requires a lot of communication between us.

Cultural Wellness

i have been able to experience Milwaukee's rich culture for all of my life.
I am most familiar with the German Lutheran culture that I have been immersed in. Beer and baseball is a big deal. As shown by our prom pictures in front of Miller Park, we love the Brewers!

Occupational Wellness

My summer job as a Teacher Aide for Summer Experience is a well-fitted occupation for me.
I am in preparation for my calling as a Director of education and Secondary Education Teacher.

All of the above demonstrates my wellness in all nine dimensions.

The End

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