Physician assisted suicide should be Legal in Florida WHEN FACING DEATH

  • We all know what suicide is but what is physician assisted suicide?
  • Physician assisted suicide is used when a patient is terminally ill and has less than six months to live.
  • Physician Assisted Suicide is Legal in five States Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California and Montana
  • Physician Assisted Suicide id Legal in Legal in Australia, Ireland, Columbia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Albania, and Canada
  • A patient can only request the life ending medication when you have been confirmed by two different doctors to have less than six months to live, and the patient must see two psychiatrist who confirms them as mentally sane
  • Terminal cancer can not be cured or treated, resulting in death within a short period of time
  • (ALS) Amyotropic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrigs disease causes the death of neurons which control voluntary muscles
  • ALS results in difficulty breathing, swallowing ,speaking and all other voluntary muscles
  • ALS has no cure, cause of disease is unknown, about 5 to 10% of ALS cases is inherited
  • Some religions agree that in the right circumstances Physician Assisted Suicide should be legal and believe Physician Assisted Suicide is just hastening the life of terminally ill people to end their suffering
  • Southern Baptists don't support Physician Assisted Suicide but Northern Baptists do and believe it to be morally and religiously acceptable
  • Some Catholics support Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Legalizing physician Assisted Suicide in Florida can help put terminally ill suffering patients out of endless pain
  • Organs can be donated, giving patients in need organ transplants
  • When their is no way to save your life people should not have to suffer but should be comfortable during their death


Created with images by NEC Corporation of America - "NEC-Medical-137" • - "Pills 3" • - "is2964.JPG" • 2ilorg - "The future of #heart #transplantation This is a " Ghost Heart ". It has been decellularized, leaving only connective tissue. The organ can then be reseeded with a patient’s own cells to regenerate it so it can be transplanted without fear of tissue reject"

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