Birmingham Riots May 1963

Birmingham 1963:

In may May 1963, bombs detonated by members of the Ku Klux Klan white supremacist group in Birmingham Alabama, killed 4 children and injured dozens of others. It was the pre-act to the Birmingham Riots. Protestors took to the streets following the bombings protesting Racial Injustice and demanding Social Equality.

Who Was Involved & Their Roles

Eugene "Bull" Connor: American politician and Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham Alabama during the Riots. Also ordered violent force such as Police Attack Dogs and Fire Hoses

George Wallace: Mayor of Alabama who believed solely in segregation then and segregation forever. And believed that the State should set segregation legislation for said state as opposed to the Federal Government.

Martin Luther King Jr: Civil Rights Leader credited with organizing the Nonviolent protests at Birmingham. Provoked the equal rights speech by John F. Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy: Sent Federal Government Riot control teams to Birmingham Alabama to control the violence and ensure public safety.

Demographics of Birmingham & People:

Eugene "Bull" Connor & George Wallace: Segregation was and should forever be the only way to live. Blacks and Whites were different in Social and Economic Justice and should be treated that way. Strong believers in "Separate But Equal" and "Plessy v Ferguson" .

President John F. Kennedy & Martin Luther King Jr: Believed in social and economic equality for all. Disagreed with "Separate but Equal" and helped fight in "Brown v Board of Education". President Kennedy gave speeches about the Civil Rights Movement.

Birmingham Riots & Black Lives Matter Protests

The Black Lives Matter Protest compares to the Birmingham Riots because both groups were trying to end some form of racism. In Birmingham, the people were trying to end complete segregation overall and earn their rights. Today the Black Lives Matter Protests are trying to end racism among police. In both groups eyes, their were injustices being perpetrated by the city or people of the city, and both groups were willing to stand up against it.


After the bombings in May 1963 that targeted Civil Rights Movement Leaders and Organizers that killed 4 innocent children and injured countless others. Protestors took to the streets marching against the anarchy and brutality that was segregation. Under siege by "Bull" Connor and George Wallace, the protestors were pounded with powerful fire hoses and aggressive police K-9 units, however Martin Luther King and his followers were not deterred. Under the "Nonviolence" philosophy of MLK, they continued to speak out against the injustices they were facing. As they persevered through it, President Kennedy sent several thousand troops to Birmingham to deal with the protesters and oppressors and ensure safety.

THE FINAL CHAPTER: With jails overflowing and protesters still coming, the protests had opened the eyes of Americans to the horror. All that was left was a speech by President Kennedy to begin the process of desegregation the Nation.

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