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England is located off the northwestern coast of Europe. It is connected to Wales and Scotland and is surrounded by the Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, and the North Sea.

Physical Characteristics

England is filled with low lying, uneven plains and its highest point is only 3210 feet above sea level.(USA's highest point is 20,310 feet above sea level)


Temperatures in England are usually about 36-43 degrees in winther and 55-72 degrees in summer.


53.01 million people live in England


Customs and Traditions

People in England celebrate western holidays according to their religion but they also celebrate other traditions like cheese rolling and bog snorkeling.


Most people in England are Christians but there are also large populations of Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs. There are also Hindus and Buddhists.


The main language in England is English but some may speak Latin, Welsh, and Gaelic in certain places.


Tea is a very popular drink in England. England is also famous for Fish and Chips and a special beef pie.


By Joseph Jacobs


In this story a Teeny-Tiny woman finds a teeny-tiny bone outside her teeny-tiny house and brings it inside for a soup. That night, the woman heard a teeny-tiny voice in her cupboard saying "give me my bone" three times until she finally gave the voice his bone.

Special Characteristics

Special Beggining - "Once upon a time"

Good Character - The good character in the story is the teeny-tiny woman

Evil Character - The teeny-tiny voice in the cupboard was the evil character because it scared the woman by saying "GIVE ME MY BONE".

Repeating Phrases - The phrase "teeny-tiny" is repeated about 60 times in the story.

Something Magical - Everything in the story is teeny-tiny. There is also a teeny-tiny ghost voice in the cupboard.

Problem/Solution - The voice in the cupboard is demanding the bone and the woman must give it to him. She finally agrees "and said in her loudest teeny-tiny voice, "TAKE IT!""

3s - The phrase "give me my bone" is repeated 3 times in the story.

Connection to England - Some of the clothes mentioned in the story are common in England but not other places.

Created By
Alex Anderson


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