Board Leaders - NTIP Roles & Relationships

Designated NTIP Superintendent / NTIP Coordinator

Leadership at the board level is instrumental to the successful implementation of NTIP in schools. All school boards designate a Superintendent with responsibility for program oversight. This Superintendent may assign an NTIP coordinator role to a current or retired board employee and may allocate up to $50,000 in salary to support this role (see Section 5 – Funding for additional information).

Additionally, boards are responsible for the submission of NTIP related data to the ministry, including the NTIP plan and final report. Boards are also required to support the participation of NTIP teachers in ministry level program monitoring, research and evaluation.

NTIP Steering Team

The board NTIP Steering Team brings all participants together in partnership to support the success of new teachers. Effective steering teams examine program data (e.g., board surveys of new teachers, mentors, principals) to inform planning, communication and learning designs. Composition of the steering team should include members from each partner in NTIP:

  • Federations
  • New Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Principals
  • Faculties of Education
  • Designated NTIP Superintendent / NTIP Coordinator
  • Other staff and community partners involved in supporting NTIP, including Indigenous communities and partners