The Renaissance By:DonoVan piEMentel

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance. The trade increased in Europe and Asia when the mingles attatcked them. Marco Polo the adventurer from Venice, has spent 20 years in Asia and also became the government official to. Also the merchants italian merchants organized much of the trade, " Italian merchants organized much of the trade". In conclusion the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance by helping Marco Polo travel to Asia and discovered new things.

Italian Trade Cities

Marco Polo as a government official.
People are not believing Marco polos adventure.
This is the map that Marco Polo traveled on.

Medici Family

The artist that made the Duomo was Giorgio Askari and Federico Zuccari, the person who made the Pazzi Chapel was Brunelleschi, the lady with the pie chart is on of the learning things in Florence, the coins represent the banking in Florence.

Rediscovering the Past

Greek and Roman classical helped shape the development of the renaissance. The Greek and the Roman classical ideas helped shape the Renaissance because the artistic the Greek and Roman valued balance and harmony. "Artist valued balance and harmony". Artist value balance and harmony. In the text I really doesn't say how the made balance and harmony, but I think the give balance and harmony because of their peaceful art and sculpturing. In conclusion the artist of Greek and Roman gave peace and harmony to the Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci was on of the artist that brought harmony and peace to the Renaissance.

This was one of the Roman sculptures that one of that artist of Roman made.

This sculpture was from Greek the sculpture is called Posidian is was made by one of the artist that brought harmony to the Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was on of the most talented in the history of art. Leonardo was trained in Florence he was trained to sculpt and paint. Leonardo was constantly observing, experimenting, and inventing etc. Leonardo was a very active person in Florence and Milan but Leonardo stood in Rome and France for the rest of his life.


The video focuses on the biography of Michelangelo creating the virgin Mari at the age of 24 and David.

Paper and Printing (johann Gutenberg)

The impacted that the printing press had on literary is that it improved to make more books. It also impacted literacy by helping to print things on iPads or computers to papers.

William Shakespeare

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