Annie Saunders Self portrait

Joy and spirituality

At mass

By/ Vachel Lindsay

In the poem, 'At mass' by, Vachel Lindsay tells the idea of praising God. Over the course of the text Lindsay, expresses the idea of hope and spirituality. In my life, things have happened where I needed hope, and I connect to this poem when it comes to the connection of Turing to God.


The decision

By/ Jane Hershfield

In the poem 'The decision,' by Jane Hirshfield tells the story of decision making. I can connect to the poem because whenever I am faced with a problem I usually have a hard time making a choice and usually end up doubting myself.



By/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the poem 'Dedication,' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, tells the story of dedication while 'traveling the sea.' I can't connect to a literal level but, when we go deeper into the poem we reveal more of the task. Dedication to get to a goal or, in the poems case the 'land,' there is going to be things we experience throughout the way. Yet, we focus on our goal therefore we are dedicated. I am a very dedicated person when it comes to school, sports and things I love.



By/ Todd Boss


By/ Sherwin Bitshui

In the poem 'Anwr,' by Sherwin Bitshui and the poem 'Accounting,' by Todd boss, shares the idea of worry. Not for a known reason I worry about everything. Even little things I won't think about in a week. These poems speak to me because they share the idea of struggle and worry.


You little stars that live in the skies

By/ Fluke Greville

The poem, 'You little stars that live in the skies' by Fulke Greville shares the idea of beauty in everything. This speaks to me because I care about what I look like a lot and I worry about people judging me based on what I'm wearing or how my hair is. On the other hand I tell myself that everyone has good things about them and I don't need to worry about how I look.


Big dreams

By/ April Wayland

In the poem 'Big dreams,' by April Wayland shares the story of a 'scruffy house cat' joyfully going about the house and getting applause from the 'kitchen mice.' The poem states..

Then hold on tight

with grace and ease

I feel as if I connect to this poem because going through life I have a good grip and I know what I'm looking for answers going to my goals.

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