Website in a Day Case Study

Website in a Day is the brainchild of designer Cheryl Laidlaw. She wanted a video that not only explained the concept but also reflected something of her personality. She works very closely with her clients and her personality and how she works is an important part of website in a day.

The Production was filmed in three stages. The first was to show Cheryl walking through London. Her online persona is @Londonwebgirl and the footage showed her at the heart of London, going about her business. So on a fine sunny day I followed her from Oxford Street tube station in London to her London base. The footage was cut down and speeded up and served as the opening to the video.

The next stage was to film Cheryl talking about Website in Day. We wanted a very bright setting and thanks to the load of a very cool space, we achieved. Cheryl was nervous about being on camera but part of the skill of a videographer is to make the on camera talent feel at home and relaxed. There were not too many second takes, however we decided to use what there were as the ending for the entire production, again to emphasis Cheryl's personality.

The final section was to film Cheryl at work with a client building a website in a day. This was done at country club as Cheryl often works with her clients at a hotels or private members club. She also visits clients in their own office in order to work on their website. Several shots were taken to break up the sections of Cheryl on camera. The video was delivered in MP4 format which enabled Cheryl to upload it to YouTube and Facebook. The video work particularly well on Facebook and has received over 6,00 views. The video led to several expression of interest in the service and several have booked Cheryl to work on new websites.

"I’ve wanted to create a video for ‘Website in a Day’ for around 18 months but never found the confidence to do it. At the start of the year it was one of my goals to get this complete and to get over my shyness on camera. I’ve known Gordon for 7 years and knew he was the man to help me. Gordon made me feel really relaxed on film and told me to trust, him which I did. I had a few ideas in mind for the shoot and Gordon bought them to life. I was so nervous when I got the email with the first draft but I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t believe it was me! The video was bright and I came across in the professional manner I was hoping for. My Facebook hit 6.1k Views and YouTube 1.6K Views. Within three days of releasing the video, I had my first client. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Gordon!"

Cheryl Laidlaw, Website in a Day

Created By
Gordon ONeill

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