Everyday Heroes: A Family's Perspective

Meet Claire.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34.

"I had a lot of support from family and friends. They really rallied around me. That made all the difference." - Claire

It's been a few years since her diagnosis.

Here's what her family of caregivers has to say about it:

“When my daughter was going through breast cancer she had strength and grace and the most positive attitude which was the best medicine for our whole family.”

“Now that my Mama and Grammy don’t have cancer, I feel happy!”

“Breast cancer is an uninvited and thoughtless thief but when you have the support of your family you’re filled with strength that you didn’t know you were capable of.”

“My wife is my hero because she kicked cancer’s ass!”

“Breast cancer is an evil epidemic that can be defeated with energy, unity, support and money! Do it!”

“My Mama and my Grammy are my heroes because they’re brave and strong.”

“When my mom was going through breast cancer, I was so proud of her strength and courage and continued devotion to our family. She was, and continues to be, a rock star.”

Cancer is to me: Hope, fear, strength, tears, victory, loss, life, death, family, friends, support, togetherness, hospitals, and celebration. Cancer has the ability to push every physical feeling or emotion beyond anything it has ever felt before.

We are so thankful for Claire and her family, and to all caregivers who love, support, and comfort those going through breast cancer.

What to see more? Check out Claire's story:

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