My Trip to the Museum of Natural History By Artem Pimenov

Nature on Display

I really liked the exhibition on Floridian shores as well as the Albert exhibition. I think its fitting that a local natural history museum focuses on its own region and community especially since that’s the best way to compete with a larger museum that may not have access and appeal for locals with local information. I believe that through these exhibits I have learned more about my immediate environment. I learned about the barrier islands located off the coast of Florida. This is a wonderful exhibit that even discusses the islands facing erosion. Simply reading about the issues faced by our environment may not come across as remarkable as the natural exhibit. I really enjoyed learning about how much influence my local museum may have on the community.

Nature on Ethics

The Natural History Museum provides us with a wonderful opportunity to experience nature and learn to appreciate the environment. It contains one of the largest collections of butterflies in the world which is extremely impressive for a small city. As I walked along the long rows of butterflies I saw just how remarkable the collection was. Outside, in the butterfly garden these butterflies floated in the air. I believe this exhibit shows the beauty the world around us possesses and that should make every individual on this earth to feel an obligation to preserve our home.

Nature and the Human Spirit

An outstanding exhibit of shark jaws really made me step out of my ordinary life and consider how life has changed and evolved on our planet. These beings existed and the past and some still exist today which really gives insight into the primordial world. The giant set of jaws made feel unimportant in the face of nature and its creations. This exhibit should motivate everyone to look at and reconsider the way they approach nature and understand its absolute power and majesty.

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