Traditional Photo Portait BY: VICTOR LU -TGG3M1-01-

3 Photo Portraits

My photos of Obaid Alam


For my first portrait, it is a picture of Obaid laughing with an extremely bright background. For my second portrait, it is a picture of Obaid standing proudly while a light shines down on his face. For my last photo, I used the hovering light and asked Obaid to tilt his face down to accentuate his face's features except his eyes, which you can barely see. For these portraits, I used light to my advantage and contoured Obaid's face to accentuate the curves in his face. I also used the blandness of the background to accentuate Obaid's red stripes on his shirt. I used the photos as a depiction of my interpretation of a personality. A person's personality usually has the elements that I captured in these photos: happiness, mystery, and pride, hence why I integrated these characteristics into my portrait. I especially put a hard light behind Obaid for the depiction of happiness because when someone is happy, they lighten the mood and make other people around them brighter.

What I learned from Steve Carty is that, dreams can become a reality but it really depends on how much work you put into achieving your dream.

Thanks to the Steve Carty workshop, I know now the lighting choices and aspects of photography that the industry uses to make their models look better. I can now analyze and look at magazines differently, being able to realize why the models look more flattering than they usually are. In the future, if I need photography or filming in a school project, I now know how to make my project look better than the others'.

Created By
Victor Lu

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