The land of sweet dreams An introduction to a fantastical land.

On the day I discovered the land of sweet dreams, I had been taking a casual walk along the shoreline. When all of a sudden, I noticed a spectacular looking island. I just knew I had to investigate it. The perculiar shape and the magical fell was too much too resist. I took (borrowed) boat from the dock and began to sail peacefully towards the island. As I drew closer the shore - which I just noticed was pink - had a little creature puttering about on it. What on earth could it be?? I would soon find out.
The moment I set foot on the island, I was immejdiately captivated. No way could there be any place on earth quite like this. Viberant colours popping about from every direction. Strange and alien-like people doing everything g they normally would. Meanwhile I stood still absolutely flabbergasted. I hope this guide will give some insight into this breathtaking place.

Home to the colour-changing-shape-shifting dove, candy coastline was my first stop o. This once-in-a-lifetime journey. Sweeping gracefully, this swan-like bird left me curious to find out more amount the island. With a ocean view this is th perfect place to relax and get away from all the stress. The lush green grass swayed in the breeze as the dove danced elegantly high in the sky above me. I couldn't resist the urge to continue.

Strawberry sands must be pne if my favourite places on th island. Baby pink sand glistening in the sunlight and strawberry lace towels lying lazily all day long, made it one of my favourites. I couldn't have left without trying the jelly b ach umberellas. Once my curiosity was satisfied, I was about to leave when I spotted... a Chupa Chub!!! I had heard all about these creatures when I was treated by the villagers. It featured a circular body and a broad smile. Due to its extra pear of ears it can hear for miles around. I marvelled at this creature for ages when I realised there was more to be seen.

Intruiged, hooked and astonished I had stumbled across Vimto village. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Children happily playing on the midday sun and their parents heart-warmingly watching them. The houses, which remind me of girls doll houses, look good enough to eat. The villagers on the other hand, are the most extraordinary people you will ever meet. Their clothing includes: dolly mixture dresses, liquorice suits and for the children strawberry lace dresses and pick'n mix dungarees. The decoration of the houses is absolutely astonishing!! And the best part of all is everything is vimto flavoured. Who wouldn't want to continue?

Dazzling blue, soda lake is a tranquil picturesque lake filled with fizzy lake. Located in the heart of the island it is used as a water supply for the inhabitants. If you are one of the lucky few you might see some of the wonderful creatures bathing the pool. However my favourite part is the waterfall tree. Lemonade gently cascades down the the tree eventually dripping into the pool. No wonder is favoured by the people of th island.i couldn't wait to see what was next.

Ever since island cereated, marshmallow mountains been keeping watch of the island. Winter after winter, children of island have had smilesnout in their faces all because of marshmallow mountains. Giggles of laughter would be heard as the kids raced down the slopes on caramel sledges. It is a tradition that all of the creatures and people of the island have a massive snowball fight and after that they all go back home to enjoy hot chocolate by a blazing fire. The feel of this place really captured my imagination. Nothing could stop me continuing.

Made up of all your favourite sweets. Pick' n mix gardens as one stop I couldn't miss.

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