Internet Safety Learn why the internet is dangerous and how we can stay safe.

by: Julianna

People all over the world are using the internet to collaborate and socialize everyday. As great of a tool as the internet is, it can be a very dangerous place. This is why we need to be safe when using the internet, and I have a few tips for you! In order to bring you these tips, I will also share how to create and publish your own video so you can share this information with your own friends and family.

Are you more worried about your safety in the real world then the online world? After you read this you will have a completely different view on internet safety. The first tip is to make sure to never to give out your personal information such as your address and phone number. Did you know if you post a picture online wearing a sports jersey or any information on your location shirt. Just by somebody looking at your photo they could immediately come find you. This avoids giving your location away. Make sure to tell your parents if somebody makes you feel uncomfortable online. Never meet with someone you meet online. If somebody asks you for information about yourself online do not answer just ignore them. After that make sure to tell your parents about what they asked you. Keep your personal information and accounts away from strangers. You can do this by making your accounts private in the website's privacy settings. This makes you be able to accept the people you follow. Remember if anyone manages to get in your account you can always hit the report abuse button. Hopefully from reading this you have learned how to keep yourself safe on the internet.

Have you ever wondered how to make a film or how Hollywood shoots its top hit movies that we watch every day? Guess what today is your lucky day. One of three amazing resources that you can use to make a film is a app called I-movie. Some things that I-movie has in store for you to use are you can pick if your film is going to be a movie or trailer. You can also make a part of your movie and stop it. This is good because if you make a mistake you do not have to delete the whole thing you can just delete that part. In addition to this you can also pick different themes for your film. For example, you can pick a theme like a fairy tale or a scary video. Make sure you always plan before shooting your film. You should ask questions like. Where will I shoot my film? How do I create it? Who will be in it? You could also just get a piece of paper and write some ideas down. Another thing you need in order to create your film, is tools. The first tool you need is a electronic device that video tapes. You can also use power points . Power points are slides that describe something. They really help the viewer better understand your film. Make sure to use tools that help your video come to life. Now that you know how Hollywood shoots there movies you can go make your own for your own friend to enjoy.

How to upload video to YouTube:

1.Sign into your YouTube account.

2.Click on Upload at the top of the page.

3.Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings.

4.Select the video you'd like to upload from your computer.

If you have a video that you really want to get a film out for others to see you have come to the right place because that's exactly what you're going to learn how to do today. One way for you to get your film out for others to see is to put it in an electronic newsletter. A electronic newsletter is a letter sent from one device to another device, kinda like an email. The second way that you could get your video out for others to see is to put it online. One good website to put your video on is called YouTube. YouTube is a popular app that people put videos on to share with others. The last way that you could get your video out there is to send robo calls home to families. A robo call is like a voice mail sent to a group of people. Your robo call should say where to find your video. It could also provide the youtube link to your video so families know where to find it. Now you know how to publish your video you're all set to get started.

So now you know a lot about internet safety, you also now know how to make or create your own film. So go make one and publish it maybe you will become famous one day so make sure you walk away knowing how to do all of the stuff movie makers do every day. Remember to always stay safe on the internet. Now you can Go share what you Know to the world!

Enjoy my Internet Safety Video:

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