DTC #16: A Pirate's Life for Me A perIlous ADVENTURE oN the high seas of lA and beyond

THE Adventure




Gather all ye maties for a cup of grog at a haunted tavern.

Ride your steel ship to a far away land.

Then gather at a local outpost to imbibe before battle!

Feast at a battle fit for our ancestors... arghhh.

Opening it's doors in 1924 Casa La Golondrina is not only the first Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles but also a historically haunted restaurant.
Stop 1


• 3:45pm to 4:15pm •

Before setting sail you’ll meet at the haunted dungeon of Casa La Golondrina! Indulging on a quick sip of the most beautiful margarita in Los Angeles you’ll be delighted by the mariachi band preparing you for the long journey ahead. When the time is right you’ll embark on a most dangerous journey in a steel rail ship beyond the Skid Row straights, through the I-5 triangle and into the unknown shores of the battle site!

Stop 2


• 4:40pm to 5:15pm •

Crossing into the ancient caverns of Union Station you’ll make your ship in the nick of time. Find your itinerary here. Readied and prepared for your journey to a far away land you’ll relax in the belly of the beast and enjoy the rocky ride. Share a table with your old mates or some fresh meat as you barrel down the iron tracks. Pay attention to the stops as to not miss your final destination: Buena Park Island!

Stop 3

Re-group in a far out land...

• 5:30pm to 7:00pm •

Landing at port with time to spare you’ll make your way to a trusted hard rocking affair, Rock & Brews. All other patrons beware with your toughest buccaneer as they may decimate their fair share. Saddle up to the bar and relax without a care. When you’ve pillaged and plundered without a glare it will be time to prepare…for battle!

Stop 3

Prepare the canons!

• 7:15pm until we’ve claimed victory •

Yo ho yo ho! Entering the battle site you’ll be honored like heroes. But prepare to sit front and center to witness the bloody battle for the Loch Ness Monster at Pirate Dinner Adventure! There will be ruthless bandits and rotten wenches! As the show goes on your battle cry will roar and if you’re still standing after the plunder you’ll be lucky to embark back to your friendly shores.

Bonus: If the plunder must continue sail over to the Tomkat Lounge for cheap grog and karaoke.




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