What I learned about the Revolution By: Makayla Mickle

This is a video about the Boston tea party!

One event leading up to the revolution is the Boston tea party.The Boston tea party was were multiple Americans imposing as Native Americans threw crates of tea into the ocean.It was a violent protest of King George lll's rule in America.This is one of the most memorial events in history!

Another event leading up to the revolution is The Olive Branch Petition.The Olive Branch Petition was the Colonists last ditch effort to make peace with the British crown.The colonists did this so they could avoid a war against the British.The British did not agree with the Colonists.

Another event was the committees of correspondence.The colonists were not happy with the rule of Great Britain and were on the brink of starting the American Revolution. They knew how important it was to have communication among the colonies in order to discuss information, ideas, and plans for gaining independence. So, they developed the Committees of Correspondence, which were organizations that maintained lines of communication throughout the colonies.

Another event before the revolution was the stamp act.The stamp act was imposed on all Americans.It was where they were charged for each piece of paper they used.Including ship papers,documents,and even playing cards.

Another event we talked about was the Sugar act.The sugar act was a tax passed by the British to pay for the Seven Years War, called the French and Indian War in America. It taxed sugar and decreased taxes on molasses in British colonies in America and the West Indies.It also increased prices on coffee and certain types of wine.

The first thing I learned was about the American revolution was about the battle in Boston.The British heard about the Americans getting ammunition in Concord.Therefore the British went to destroy it.Luckily the Americans won this battle.

I also learned about the battle of Lexington and Concord.The British were going through Concord to seize military supplies.Then they were ambushed by militiamen.Luckily the Americans won this one as well.

George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army,found out about the where the British were going to be witch was in Princeton.That night, he evacuated his position, circled around General Lord Cornwallis' army, and went to attack the British garrison at Princeton.The succeeded in this battle,the Americans won.

One of the outcomes of the war was the signing of the Treaty Of Paris.The signing of the Treaty of Paris was basically the ending of the revolutionary war.It gave all of the colonists their independence.It also gave the 13 colonies their freedom to become one and become the United Sates.

Another outcome of the war was the Peace Conference.The peace conference was a meeting of all of the colonies.This was to hopefully make agreements with everyone and end the war.This meeting was to try and keep the peace between everyone.


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