Missions Updates August, 2020

Praise God for the ministry of Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo! The Cuozzo family ministers to Israeli youth through a discipleship ministry called Tikvah, which is Hebrew for “hope”. They bring young Israelis to Bath, England, where they are discipled and encouraged for 2 months.

The need for Israeli discipleship is big. Even though they live where Jesus walked, only 2% of Israelis are born-again believers. Christians are sometimes targeted by secular or religious Jews around them, and that can be especially harsh in the armed forces, a very high-pressure environment full of temptation. Most Israelis serve 2 to 3 years in the military, and many of the Christians leave with their faith in Christ bruised and compromised.

These young believers come to Tikvah to be healed, restored, and recommissioned as believers, and then return to minister in Israel.

When they aren’t ministering to Israeli young people, the Cuozzos are helping to plant a church in Bath. Even though England has a history as a Christian nation, there are no other Bible-teaching churches in the area.

Please pray:

  • Along with the rest of the world, the coronavirus pandemic has affected both England and Israel. Please pray for wisdom on how best to plan for future ministry to Israeli youth and couples in these uncertain times!
  • for the church in Bath to continue to share the Gospel and hope!

...God’s message is not imprisoned! 2 Timothy 2:9

The Harris Family - Uganda

Praise God for Matt & Noelle Harris, serving Gulu, Uganda!

The Harris family is heading stateside for a furlough and want to meet with you face to face, to hear from you, share with you and join with you in personal prayer. They had planned to schedule a furlough in 2022 but it has become obvious that this will be the best time for several reasons:

  • Because of the COVID-19 situation their pastoral school has been closed down along with all the other learning institutions in the country of Uganda, and it doesn't look like it will resume before 2021. This will give them the freedom to come home without being very missed.
  • By the grace of God they have found a wonderful ministry whose passion is for excellent sustainable Christ-centered health care. This group will soon take over the management of the medical clinic, both taking it to the next level and further freeing the Harris family to enjoy a rest in the US.
  • They are also looking forward to the birth of their 4th child at the end of October and see it will be best to receive him/her into the world stateside.
  • Finally, the next Ugandan presidential election will take place early next year and they are expecting it to come with turmoil and unrest.

They tentatively plan to be in Colorado August 14 - September 10 and October 14 - November 20. They need to borrow, rent, or buy a low-cost 7-passenger van or SUV during those times, plus need a low-cost rental house. If you can help, please email kellyb@cwccs.org!

We plan to have some CWC time for you to meet them, but if your small group would like to host the Harris family, please email them at mattharris9000@gmail.com with details for when you can get together as soon as possible to better insure your time together!

Marie & Nolan Schockey - Juarez, Mexico

Praise God with Nolan & Marie Schockey, our CWC missionaries to Juarez, Mexico, who are training 13 Mexican pastors & leaders:

  • Their ministry is seeing 8-10 precious souls accept Christ every week!
  • As the men they are training go to minister to soldiers guarding the US-Mexican border by bringing a cold bottle of water, a Bible, and prayer, they have seen 2 or 3 accept Christ every week!
  • New migrants continue coming to Juarez, hoping to reach the USA. Since the border is now closed, all appointments for possible entry are delayed for months, and those trying to cross the bridge are immediately turned back to return to Mexico. A quarantine shelter has been set up for these new migrants who are shunned everywhere due to the virus. Nolan & Marie and the men they lead are allowed to go every week to share a meal and prayer.
  • The virus led to decreased commerce because many of Juarez's contracts were with China. Many were laid off, and most don't have credit cards, stored food, or government help. Those who are still working have had to take a pay cut. Those who were working as domestic or landscaping helpers in the US are unable to cross the border. However, due to the generosity of God and His people, the Schockeys have been able to minister by giving out "dispensas" - bags of groceries containing rice, beans, oil, lard, pasta, tomatoes, chicken bouillon, cans of veggies, tuna, mayonnaise, flour, meseca (corn flour), potatoes, oatmeal, and eggs. One bag feeds a family of 5 for 4+ days.
  • The 9 firefighter stations are still welcoming the pastors as they come and share the Word of God and encouragement and prayers. Many of the firefighters are nervous because they deal with emergencies and the sick often without proper protection.
  • The police academy holds classes for other law enforcement groups in between cadet classes. A month ago, one of the Schockey's students, Isaiah, taught 12 supervisors on God's covering. 10 of the supervisors were diagnosed with Covid-19 soon after that, but Isaiah stayed healthy. All the men have now recovered.
  • Pastor Pepe' goes every Thursday to the Federal police and they are very grateful he is there. They looked for comfort from God's Word after 1 of them was gunned down on the highway. They say, "We can't go to church on Sunday so you bring it to us."

Prayer requests:

  • for these soldiers, firefighters, police, and migrants to find that true hope is not in the USA or in a vaccine or in money, but in Jesus Christ.
  • for Christians to find provision, hope, and perseverance through their relationships with Jesus, and to be able to share with those around them.
  • for Marie to have wisdom and peace as she prays for God's direction in giving out the food and other support, as the needs around her are overwhelming.
  • Pastor Efrain goes to 2 rehab centers to share devotions with those recovering from addictions. The non-Christian rehab center opened back up to him 2 weeks ago after the coronavirus lockdown, and asked him to pray with the director and staff. 2 days later, the director was murdered. Please pray for the rehab center's leadership!
  • for the men they lead, including Isaiah, Pepe', and Efrain, to grow strong in their faith and leadership skills during this time of training. For them to see that God is faithful through these difficult times and decisions.
  • for Nolan's health, as he continues to have problems with low blood pressure, especially in the heat.
  • continued funding and provision for the food support the Shockeys' ministry is providing to many families in Juarez.
Carlos & Yolanda Casco - Latin America

Praise God for Carlos & Yolanda Casco!

The Cascos continue to be in good health in Ecuador, but are not allowed to travel for their usual Inductive Bible Study & Marriage seminars. Most of their seminars have been canceled indefinitely since travel across country borders is closed down due to coronavirus. However, they have been very active sharing the Word of God every week on Facebook and Zoom. Last month, he was also able to minister to a group of pastors in Cali, Colombia, and another group in Caracas, Venezuela. Carlos also plans to conduct an Inductive Bible Study Seminar for a group of pastors in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, soon.

Matt & Jonna & family - Central Asia

Praise God that Matt & Jonna and their young family was able to travel back to the USA last month! We look forward to seeing their faces here at Calvary Worship Center later this year!

Please pray:

  • this will be a restful furlough and time of reconnection for them and their families!
  • for the work to go on and expand in fruitfulness while they are here!

If you have a van or large SUV you can loan them this fall and winter, please contact us at kellyb@cwccs.org!

Baby Devine - His Safe Haven, Liberia

His Safe Haven wants to share with you a story of a little boy named Devine. The world will not remember Devine. There will be no monuments marking his life. He was not royal in earthly standards nor was he famous. No, Devine was just a baby. He had 16 days on the earth before the Lord called him home.

From his conception, Devine was unwanted and unloved. When Devine’s father heard about the pregnancy, he made Devine’s mother leave the house. Homeless and alone, Devine’s mother tried to abort Devine, but Devine clung to life! He continued to grow as God prepared him for the world. When Devine was born on June 19, 2020, his arms were slightly deformed, both arms were broken and his legs were permanently wrapped around his body, like he was giving himself a hug. His mother refused to look at him or take care of him. Yet still God was looking after him. A nurse at the hospital where he was born offered to care for him until a home could be found.

Little Devine was brought to the His Safe Haven’s Family on June 25, 2020. Oh there was a huge celebration for him! The Mum’s were singing and dancing and praising the Lord for another blessing He had given them.

Devine was dearly loved at His Safe Haven. He was cared for and he had found home. Then on July 1, 2020, Devine came down with a sickness and was rushed to the hospital. Due to the COVID-19 crisis there are many police checkpoints to cross on the 3 hour car drive. God was watching out for him then too! He allowed safe passing through all the checkpoints. When they reached the main checkpoint, it was almost as if the car was invisible! The gate was up and no guards took any notice of their vehicle passing through!

When Devine reached the hospital he was taken for x-rays where it was determined he had an obstructed bowel and pneumonia. Being too weak and fragile for the needed surgery, he was started on antibiotics and oxygen to try to make him strong enough for surgery. During Devine’s time in the hospital, a lot of people came to pray. Word had spread about the little miracle boy who was loved in a country that disregards, throws away and kills children with special needs. A nurse from his birth came to pray with him, his neighbours on the ward prayed with him. A doctor stopped to pray with him.

Devine’s health continued to decline. He was never strong enough for the surgery. Devine passed into the arms of Jesus on July 6, 2020. They prayed for Devine’s healing and the Lord healing came, just not here on this earth. Devine was small but he has left a big hole in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

Three days ago, His Safe Haven’s leadership met to discuss another child in need. His story was gut wrenching. A mother in the bush decided that her 5 year old son no longer deserved to live. She carried him to the river, stripped him naked and was about to throw him in when someone noticed her. When asked what she was doing, she said that she was going to destroy her son. The boy was carried back to his extremely poor grandmother. The grandmother took the boy, though she did not want him and could not afford to feed him. There he sat suffering until one of our physician assistants learned about his condition. The deaf are heavy on the His Safe Haven family’s hearts. You can imagine how repulsed they felt when we learned that the mom wanted to kill her son simply because he was born deaf. His Safe Haven is now in the process of making this precious boy their son!

Please pray:

  • that His Safe Haven will be able to rescue this child
  • for provision, wisdom, and discernment in the many requests they receive to help children
  • that they will also be able to construct their first home for the Deaf at His Safe Haven’s village

Praise God with us for Mathare Worship Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, and also for Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope homes for 24 orphans from Mathare Valley slum!

  • Not a single Mathare Worship Centre (MWC) church member has slept hungry or lost their job in Covid. MWC is helping 5 to 10 families, and has even been able to extend support to other neighbors. Praise God for each of you and your faithful role as Calvary Worship Center continues to support MWC's ministry!
  • The church members continue to tithe from their limited means
  • The Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) teens continue to live at the Karau's ancestral home in Meru due to the Covid lockdown. Each of these teens has experienced trauma, loss, and grief in their short lives. Now, God in His abundant wisdom has given them these last 3 months of intense bonding and attachment while being loved and nurtured by a family in a new time of stress & trauma.
  • With 30 people in 1 house, the kids are learning how to get along with each other!
  • SOH teens Janet, Sammy, and Mark have been fasting & praying every Monday for lunch.

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued provision for MWC - jobs, food, education, and medical care
  • Protection for Kenya (as well as Uganda, their neighbor to the west) from heavy swarms of locusts invading Africa. Combined with Covid lockdowns and border issues, extreme food shortages and even famine are predicted later this year and next.
  • For the SOH teens to draw close to God in prayer and fasting and the Word. For continued growth, healing, and revival among the teens. For each one to find his or her identity fully in Christ.
  • Wisdom regarding school. Kenya has shut down schools for the entire year. Pray the Karaus and Kariithis will know whether to take the family back to Nairobi or stay in rural Meru. Pray for plans to do online schooling, whether formal or informal. Pray for a "gadget" they need to purchase to enable their internet connections in Meru, which has been in very short supply.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve Kariithi's young family. His wife and 3 young children are with the rest of the family in Meru, while he has stayed 3 hours away in Nairobi to continue ministering to the church with only 1 short visit due to the lockdowns between cities in Kenya.

Please pray about attending a "virtual short-term mission trip" with Hope's Promise! Details coming soon!

Janice Evans - serving Ukraine

Praise God for Janice Evan's continued faithful service assisting a church plant in Ukraine!

Her church started an English Club for teens and their families 2 weeks ago, and are seeing it grow quickly. The church was also starting to grow before quarantine, and are seeing 7 young adults as they have started back up. Please pray this is the seed of a fruitful, growing church in Ukraine!

Eddie Broussard - Navigators worldwide

Praise God for Eddie Broussard's ministry with the Navigators:

  • Eddie is continuing to strengthen his Russian language skills while participating in Russian-only video calls with Siberia.
  • He is also continuing to encourage the Latin American team with video calls every week.
  • Creative use of the internet has brought increasing numbers of people to join their online disciple-making groups. Pray for fruit that remains!

Please pray:

  • for the Siberian believers. They face daily economic challenges due to Covid, and some have also been threatened by the Russian secret police. Please pray the Gospel will continue to bear fruit in Russia (Col 1:6).
  • for Christians in Latin America. Travel is banned between countries and in most areas, parents are only allowed to take their children out of their apartments twice a week, and only to the yards immediately surrounding their apartments.
  • We have been praying for Eddie & his team as they finalize a Global Missions Sending and Receiving Agreement for the Navigators' 12 countries to use as the send and receive missionaries to the ends of the earth. He meets for a video call twice a week with 5 Navigators from Argentina, Scotland, Australia, Japan, and the US to discuss these important topics and how to implement them for Navigators around the world. They are on the last push for the initial documents. Please pray God will show them anything that needs to be reworked!
  • for Eddie to have grace and wisdom to finish planning and preparing for the 2020 meeting of the International Executive Team and 7 Regional Directors. Eddie will be facilitating. Pray for 5 fruitful and productive daily Zoom calls on August 24-28. Pray for the team as they prayerfully plan for the fall with the uncertainties of the pandemic before them.

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!