Pediasure By samantha mcloughlin

What is Pediasure?

Pediasure is a nutritional kid drink has been clinically proven to help them grow

How does Pediasure foster growth?

Each Pediasure drink contains 7 grams of protein 250 calories, and 25 vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that the child drinks two a day. After 8 weeks, the child will gain weight. After 24, the child will grow in height.

The recommend age to start drinking Pediasure drinks is around 2 years old, and the appropriate time to stop would be at around 13.

They can substitute a meal with a drink or have it as a snack.

Pediasure Downfalls

While Pediasure mostly benefits children, there can be some unfortunate side effects including:

  • Highh blood pressure
  • Loss of body water
  • Severe vomit
  • Severe diarrhea


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