Sudan and South Sudan conflict By Callie Bovee and lauren tobin

This conflict is in Africa, Sudan and South Sudan, this conflict is taking place because of the government and religious differences.

The people involved are the civilians in Sudan, the religious groups involved are Islam and others. The physical geography doesn't affect this conflict. They are fighting over freedom and rights for self determination. This is affecting other religions because the government is trying to force everyone to turn Islam.

South Sudan has declared independence from sudan and they got their freedom on July 9th 2011. The specific demands of each side is self determination and freedom. South Sudan has the sovereignty in this conflict. The history formed this conflict because they got independence from Europe in 1958 and they had to get a new government.

The US should be concerned with this conflict because of refugees, the US gave Sudan 1.2 billion dollars to them and more than half went to emergency relief. The US should help hospitals and innocent civilians.

The conflict was solved in 2011 by setting up a border and giving South Sudan freedom. For this to be solved there is a new government and borders.


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