The Worlds Greatest Gymnast Simone biles, RENAISSANCE woman

Simone Biles is more than “the world's greatest gymnast”. She is a history making machine! She has made more than just history at the Olympics. She has made history at World’s too. She was the first female to win three straight world championships. Winning 4 gold and 1 bronze at Glasgow, 4 golds and 1 silver at Nanning, and 2 golds, one silver, and 1 bronze at Antwerp. That's 14 medals in a total of just 4 years!! Mary Lou Retton (1984 gold medalist) said” most talented gymnast I've seen in my life.” You may be wondering… how does she do this at 19 years old? Well, there’s more to this 4’ 8” gymnast than you think.

Simone biles s quote

6 year old Simone(born and raised in Columbus, Ohio) lived with her mother, who which sadly had a drug problem. So, Simone and sister Aria, got adopted by their grandparents Ron and Nellie Biles(later Simone gets adopted older brothers). They moved to Spring, Texas which is just short of Houston. Simone considers Ron and Nellie her parents. Simone was at daycare, taking a bus to Bannon's Gymnastix. Simone was watching all the skills the gymnast where doing, she tried doing them too. The coach noticed her, they could see something in her. That day, Bannon’s Gymnastix sent a letter home that said she should join tumbling or gymnastics, very soon. So pretty much that day forward, she wanted to be a gymnast.

Simone with all of her Worlds and Olympic game medals

Simone's life is better now since her childhood. Today, Simone’s gymnastics gym is World Champions Centre. Her strongest event is floor with her best skill being the double layout half out (or referred to as the “Biles”). Bars is her least strongest event. Simone is 19 and making history for herself in the gymnastics gym. She has set the world record on many things. For example, Simone is the sixth gymnast to win gold at both World Championships and The Olympic Games. How does Simone deal with things like fear and pressure? According to, Simone said, “ I take a deep breath and I count to three and go.” There for, Simone overcame challenges in her childhood to become “The world's greatest gymnast”.

Simone with her gold medal

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