How Dictators in Africa Rise to Power By Chris Soquet

How do dictators rise to power? There are very many ways to secure your power in Africa, like taking control over weak governments.

bloody military battles are the most common way to force yourself into power

Reason 1:

Clearly there is always the option of gathering your supporters and starting a civil war. The downside is that they are EXTREMELY bloody and will leave you with a country in horrible condition, if you even make it to power. Another downside is that there are always rebel groups trying to overthrow YOU(not a great way to live) and you are not sure who you can trust.

The next way is to lie about your opposition and then sling mud at them, creating a lowly image of everybody you are running against, sadly, just like our country. You need to set up the government with your people quickly so that when the public finds out the truth you are safely in power, with a very small chance of being ousted from power.

And finally, our last option, definitely the most difficult, tearing down the existing government (sometimes there is no government to tear down) and then proceed to set up a totally new government for you to control and manage all of your people


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