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Having Jewish family members, I've learned a lot about the holocaust. My cousin's great grandmother actually survived the holocaust and migrated here. I've heard firsthand experience about the cruelty, the unfairness, the never ending torture, and what it was like to lose hope. This helped me get a deeper understanding of how everything took place and how it all started.

What I didn't know was what caused Hitler's rise to power so quickly?

The man had help.

Many events partook that influenced his ascendance to the title of legitimate power, chancellor. In 1929, the United States stock market crashed funneling into the Great Depression, which caused the US to call in all of its foreign loans, demolishing Germany. German unemployment rose to 6 million at this time and people were upset with the government and began to turn to communism. The wealthy then began to finance Hitler's campaign, pushing him a little higher. Not only were people furious with the current government, the moderate political parties, which had more support than the nazis, wouldn't work together. This led to more and more people turning to Hitler, an already excellent speaker who had everything falling into his lap. A lot of the citizens blamed the Treaty of Versailles, which Hitler's smartly promised to overturn. In 1929 Nazis occupied 12 seats in the Reichstag, 3 years later they had 230. In an attempt to side with the Nazis, they offered to make Hitler Vice Chancellor, to which he refused and demanded to be named Chancellor. They hesitated, but agreed thinking they could control him. However, we all know how that went.

Eva Mozes Kor

Kor is a holocaust survivor and now author. She and her sister Miriam, identical twins, were subject to Dr. Josef Mengele, when performed countless experiments on the twins to see how they'd react. Her book, Surviving the Angel of Death, recounts the experience that she went through. She and her sister were relentless. If one got sick, the other would tend to her giving, her extra food, sneaking out for water and bread, anything to make sure they didn't lose the most important thing, each other. Eva and her sister were both able to survive the Holocaust, and lived in the United States after. Kor resembles courage to me, because she was able to return to the site where she was held and experimented on, and forgive everyone that took part in doing so.

While the holocaust is a more extreme scenario, the rise to power that Adolf Hitler so quickly completed, always reminds me of the same process performed by a Fidel Castro. It may not have anywhere near the same amount of casualties that the holocaust had, but this reign of communism has been long, oppressive, and strong. People were imprisoned for no reason, it wasn't about what you looked like or what you believed in, it was about the government doing what it wanted with its own citizens. People weren't able to leave, people couldn't speak to people in confidence without fearing being reported for a borderline thing they may say. Absolute power was held by the Castros and their supporters, and its extremely difficult to end such power.

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