Opinion: Why is it Better to Take Notes by Hand? By: Lorelei Pauska

As society is relying more on technology, many people are not using pen and paper to retain information. In classrooms across the country handwriting is not used to take notes.

Handwriting should be used in schools because it improves student success.

Handwriting helps students develop better comprehension of a topic. This leads to academic success because students can better understand concepts when it is written by hand. People who handwrite notes are able to understand the lesson rather than have more words written.

In addition, handwriting your notes gives you more freedom to write in the margins and easily jot down ideas. Handwriting gives you the ability to sketch an image to help improve your understanding of the concept.

Furthermore, pens and pencils don’t need to be charged. This makes it more convenient for the student to handwrite their notes. It is easy to forget to charge you laptop and bring a charger. This can make it difficult to take notes digitally.

It is more convenient for students to type their notes because they can get it anywhere and it is easier to format. However, computers offer more distractions because a game or website is just a click away.

Schools should offer a class to teach students the importance of handwritten notes in addition to teaching them the best way to take said notes. This allows students to achieve success throughout their life and in school.

As long as handwriting is taught and used in schools it will be the most effective way to retain information, have a successful academic career, and a successful life.

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