How to build my bridge By: kaitlyn fischer

Material list

- popsicle sticks (a lot)

- Elmer's glue ( I prefer hot glue, but you do you boo)

- paper clips

- news paper

- a large working space

Step 1 - place your newspaper down on your large working place and grab your glue and sticks and lay them down nicely, so your work space is neat and nice and that you know where everything is.

Step 2 -First, you are going to make the base. Take three sticks. ( make 4 of these )Take your first stick and glue it on the second stick leaving two inches hanging off of the first stick. Secondly, take your third stick and glue it to the first stick that has the two inches hanging off. Repeat this until your row of popsicle sticks are 30 inches long. Use as much glue that is needed.


Step 3 - Now we are going to make the triangles that go on the boarder that we made. After you waited for the glue to dry. (Which depends what glue you are using. If you are using hot glue it would probably be dry in 5 minutes, and if you are using elmer's glue it will probably take 1 and a half hours to dry) you take one popsicle stick and place it on top of the boarder, so it will be half of a triangle. Next, you take another popsicle stick and place the top of the stick on the top of the first stick and form a trianlge. Repeat this until you get all the way down the 30 in boarder. (Do to both boarder pieces). You are going to do this on both of the bases. Should end up looking like image 1.


Step 4 - now you are going to take 1 out of the 4 bases you have made and put it on top of the triangles too look like the picture below

(The tape is just for the example picture for how they are supposed to look , use glue. )

Step 5 - after you have done this to both bases, you are going to put them together and start adding more sticks to the top and bottom wherever they are needed. If you are using glue you can use water bottles and rubber bands to hold the bridges close together so the new sticks can stay in place while they dry. After you have had the sticks drying for at least and hour. You are all done and can injoy your new bridge!

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